Friday, December 25

Parker's 1st Christmas

Parker, left under the supervision of my father... equals Parker hanging out in a box in the middle of the living room. He didn't like it at first... but after a few minutes didn't think it seemed to bad and actually cried when we took him out!

I'm waiting for the Christmas I find Parker hanging from the door frame in an extra large stocking. Still scared from the experience myself... I wonder what Parker will think of it!

Monday, December 21

Happy 4 months Parker!

Wednesday, December 16!

So, I know that I've been a little M.I.A. from the blogging world... but it's because of a VERY good reason. We surely didn't think that this would be happening again so soon, but we aren't in control right. I don't know how to even tell you this... so I'm just going to show you.

Ok. Ok. Now that you have blown your coffee out your nose. Now that you have wiped the pee from between your legs... I'm NOT pregnant, are YOU crazy?!!!

I was just trying to tell you that we had our office Christmas party last weekend and it was a 'Redneck' theme.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, December 10

Just add a zipper!

Having lost baby weight... my creative side is eager to dress like it used to. Dresses, tights, tunics and belts, jackets, ect. However, I've encountered a couple problems.
1. Half of my wardrobe I don't want to have dry cleaned or ruined, due to crazy amounts of puke.
2. Dresses while a girls best friend almost her whole life... are not on your side while breast feeding... unless you 'put a zipper in it!'

When wondering what to wear for Christmas Eve festivities... I stumbled upon a pile of free 'Kenzie' dresses that were once samples. This dress happened to have a slit in the back, so we patched it with duct tape. I liked the color well enough and loved that it had pockets... but how would I feed?

Loving raw zippers, I knew that's what it needed. So... I did it! My first zipper attempt, no directions and I didn't even have the zipper foot, attachment. Here are the before and after photos. It totally works, looks great and I can't wait to find my next project that needs a zipper!

Wednesday, December 9


Passion: an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion: an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. (Wikipedia)

Passion... what is it? It's a driver, it's fuel, it creates desire. In the last year, my heart has been bloating full, cut wide open, emptied out, sewn shut and filled again. It's all been for a greater good even if it was momentarily, ugly & painful or felt so ecstatic that I thought I might LITERALLY implode.

Passion... has aided in my growth as a women, wife, mother and leader in society!

Lately, my own personal experience looks something like this. 'When one is passionate about something or someone, you want to share it or share in it. You learn everything about it, buy all it's books or products and surround yourself with things that are it or remind you of it.

And then what do you do with all of this crazy passion and knowledge? Do you sit on it? Do you keep it confined to the walls of your home, office or small group of friends? Would the world be a better place if it knew what you knew? Could you simply living out your passion or sharing it make a difference in just one person's life?

I challenge you, myself included to dive head first into your passion. To eat it up as if it were your last meal. To double fist it like it's last call. And when you are busting at the seams, when your heart can contain no more... SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!

Wednesday, November 25

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy.

Clearly giving birth to a babe in the water... leaves a permanent impression. Weeks ago Parker outgrew the sink for his baths. His feet came up over the edge and each time he kicked in excitement he soaked me and the floor!

A girl friend of mine was telling me that she takes her 5 month old swimming in the community pool and she loves it and that got me thinking. I also remembered my midwife saying we could bathe Parker in the tub with us... so that's what I did. I drew the tub and we jumped in for a little swim, minus our goggles of course!

He loved it! Babies are so funny in the water. I believe studies have been done that say they will actually float and start to kick if emerged in the water. CLEARLY I wasn't about to try this, however, his little body floats to the surface every time I try to sit him on the bottom. I'm not gonna lie, I really enjoy this time with him. It's proved to be a special, fun time between the two of us!

Last week, I decided it was time for me to get back to the gym and as a treat to Parker for going to baby sitting, I took him swimming in the therapy pool. It's a warm 94 degrees and salt water, yeah no nasty chemicals! I put his little trunks on him, that looked more like a skirt or man capris and we road the waves from the jets, around and around. He LOVED it. He smiled and cooed and laughed! It is so great to introduce him to something that could have been a strong fear, so early on.

Tuesday, November 17


Some days I can't believe it's been 3 months. Three months since I had a baby, since I used to do what ever I wanted, when ever. Since I'd run here, run there without a care in the world. Since I shopped for myself, pampered myself... really almost only thought of myself.

Now my world is different. It's somehow a combination of fierce planning with crazy, unending grace. If the dishes get washed, they get washed and some days I get to shower and shave!

I've seen lately my stubborn side reigning in my life. In the scenario of, I need some time to myself. Need to grab brunch, a pedi and go shopping with the girls. I've been seriously missing a hard core workout. Some hot yoga or a hill workout. I can close my eyes and remember my body with defined muscle tone... but then I open them and it's gone, just like that.

Just the time I start to get phased, because things are no longer in my control, in my time and on my hour, I hear a little coo in the distance. And just like that the crazy cycle that was just spinning has stopped and my life becomes centered on the little man in his bed that has woken from his sleepy slumber and it's time to turn 'it' back on. Back to kick ass mom mode... but you know what I wouldn't change a thing. How could I, with moments like these?

Wednesday, November 11

And we're back!

Sorry for the absence... we have been in Ohio for a week. We had a great time with family and friends and I will tell you all about it, only right now I have to figure out which way is up and which way is down. Be back this week... promise!

Saturday, October 31

What's that smell?

Thursday, Parker and I stayed home all day after a long week of running around. I was wearing my 'mom uniform' (that's what Doug calls it) which consists of Doug's v-neck white t-shirts and yoga pants and spent most of the morning cleaning house. Clearly I was juggling this act in between feedings, diaper changes and dodging throw-up. You see, my son loves to gorge himself. He does little in moderation... and I'll be honest, I don't know who he got it from. (Wink!!!!)

Because of his love to gorge, it often means when he burps his inner dam breaks loose and out it all comes. Thursday was one of those days. Since we weren't going anywhere, I just wiped myself off and kept right on moving.

Hours later as I was taking out the trash, I smelled something really sour. I got on my hands and knees and looked for garbage that had escaped the 'receptacle' and had decided to plant roots, but I didn't really find anything. As I was washing the dishes I thought, man something really stinks. Is there mold on the plates... what is it. Just as quickly as I could finish my thought I wiped my face on my sleeve and found it...

I was the one that was sour, rotten, molding and growing roots! I had been smelling myself, well really the work of Parker. Oh, the luxurious life of a mother. I ended my day of scent experimentation with sporting the pee I earned while testing to see how much pee a bare cloth diaper could hold without a cover. The answer, 1 round.

Tuesday, October 27

Sewing Again... take 2!

Got an itch and this time I'm running with it.

I have had this crazy sewing machine since the days of Iowa. I got it out in December and played around as much as I could with out the manual but then put it away, dreaming about what I could make rather than actually doing it. Three times since then I've said I'm going to order the manual but haven't yet. Worst part is I can't figure out how to load the bobbin...

Either way, since having Parker I've decided I want to make things for him. Making girls clothes would be ideal, but since that would mean I'm dressing my son in drag I've opted for slippers and blankets and such.

A new craze right now are those crazy leather slippers right, for $28 or more... and they fit for what 4 weeks?!!! Well, I found a pattern for free on the internet and decided I was going to make my own pair. (Please note that I have nothing against those adorable leather booties... I would own several if I could afford them!)

This weekend when I was putting out winter clothes I made a pile for Good Will and a pile for craft projects. So I made Parker a pair of booties out of a skirt I will NEVER fit in again, a jacket that Doug won't wear any more and scraps from curtains that I hemmed. I did buy fleece to line a blanket I'm working on and had some left over, so I lined them with fleece so they are extra warm. Not sure my overly hot blooded, hot tempered child needs them lined... but they are any ways!

Here is the finished product... what do you think?

Thursday, October 22

Praise to the 'shitty' days!

Parker boy has developed a new poop habit. One that spells relief every 4-7 days. At first we were a little afraid but after some research and speaking with some professionals all reports said it can be normal for a breast feed baby. I believe I said before that he was 'all boy' when it came to this bodily function in that he has never pooped after every feeding. He prefers one gigantic explosion a day. However, that all stopped this month and we are currently experiencing what I call 'the drought.'. Do I love the fact that he's more gas than show, no... but I also have to trust his body.

Don't get me wrong we are visiting Dad at the office and his atlas is holding like a champ. We have gotten some cranial sacral massages, both produced poop the next day! And Saturday we are visiting a chiro that has a Pediatrics Diplomat degree. Not just because he isn't pooping, more because his little muscles and body seem to be holding onto some birth trauma all along his left side which is probably the culprit in the poop crisis!

I personally am trying to drink as much water as I can, which is easy if I'm at home but if we are out and about the water bottle is always the one thing I forget! At least it's just the water bottle. I'm also taking a pro biotic when I remember...

Anyways, he pooped Thursday when we were at post-natal yoga, and we hadn't done any intervention yet that week. Friday was a hard day, he screamed most of it! He later got another massage and a kick a** chiro adjustment and went pooped again on Saturday. I am hoping we are on the up swing?!

I guess my point in sharing is that it can be hard at times to trust our babies body and even our own intuition. We are quick to rule certain situations as problems and want them taken care of as quickly as possible. Ask yourself instead, what the reason or cause for the situation might be. Do you need to intervene, will it correct it's self or does it need just a little guidance? When I was reading up on 'poop patterns of nursing babies' I found lots of indication that while it is very normal, it's not as heard of today because we intervene after a 3 day drought. In some countries breast feed babies can go 1 month... can you imagine the smell of their gas after one month?! Parker's already smells like a grown mans' whose been eating bratwurst with sauerkraut and baked beans!

2 months... he's 2 months!

So I've been working on 'Maxwell Chronicles,' a newsletter of Parker's life. I want to put them together in a book for him to laugh at someday, but in the meantime someone should be laughing... so here it is! Click on the title of todays post, '2 months... he's 2 months' to enjoy!

Sunday, October 18

Life lessons... take 1

When I became a parent, I thought that I would stay young, hip and cool. I envisioned myself still doing and liking all the same things I liked before I gave birth... and for the most part I still do. It's just that things are a little different now. Meaning, if I go out with the girls to have a good time, I know in the back of my mind that my state of being the next day is important because I have a child that needs me. If I'm in a wedding (because I just was on Saturday) even though Doug is there and I pumped... I'm not dancing like crazy and drinking with my friends, I'm standing off to the side dancing mildly crazy and holding my child who happens to be so happy because he is wrapped on his mama's chest.

All I'm saying is that things are different now. They're not bad, or horrific, they are just different.

But you now what... I'm different too. I'm stronger and more confident. I'm a kick ass mom, who is loving it! I have an amazing child, that I cherish spending every day with because I don't know what God has in store for his future. I do know that I have big plans for his future. And each day I aid in his growth and development and honor his little being for he too has an opion of what he likes and dislikes. I can't wait until we can dream together and he can verbalize his ideas and dreams to me even more clearly!!!

p.s., I think I'm succeeding at staying young, hip and cool...

Tuesday, October 13

He's all Endel folks!

Sunday after walking in the woods for hours we decided we wanted ice cream! There is an amazing family owned, home-made, joint right down the road from us, so we like to find every excuse we can to go get a scoop. 1 scoop... don't judge me!

Parker being an Endel and all, we thought it was time for him to start choosing his own ice cream flavor. Doug asked him what he wanted and we felt like he wanted chocolate, so when we got to the counter Doug placed his order, then I placed my order... and asked for chocolate!

You thought I was going to say we ordered Parker his own scoop, didn't you! Not yet, not quite yet, but very soon I'm afraid!

(Video might take a few minutes to load. If it is choppy when playing, it hasn't loaded all the way)

Monday, October 12

I cherish these times...

I love when Dad comes home from work in the evening. I love that he gets to see Parker. I love watching him talk to him and seeing the smile on both of their faces! It's also nice to know that it's not just the two of us, but now the three of us.

I love the weekends even more! With Doug home we dream up adventures for the three of us. Whether it's going on a walk, hiking for hours, or getting ice cream... we do it together, as a family!

This weekend we did all of the above. The weather was gorgeous. The perfect combination of fall breeze and summer sun. Parker slept through most of the adventures, but we all had fun just being together.

Chillin with Mama

Natural born tree-hugger!

Tummy time with Dad

Sunday, October 11

If ever the day...

If ever the day happens that there is no longer room in the freezer for ice cold beer, we might have a problem! I fear the day I open the door and the little plastic (BPA free... don't freak out) bottles with yellow caps start falling out onto my feet. Regardless, I am saying it first here... there will always be room in my freezer for you sweet, cold, refreshing beer!

Thursday, October 8

Hip Moms Accessorize...with puke!

Parker drenched me today. I caught most of it on my shoulder and thought that was it. A girl friend told me I had some on the back of my sweater, I cleaned it off and went on with my day.

HOURS later, I noticed on the back of my skinnies... I had a GIGANTIC SMEAR OF PUKE!

All I could do was wipe it off and laugh... 'Hip moms accessorize with puke', right?!


A Child's Joy... is CONTAGIOUS!

That is it... he has to stop growing. Although somehow, each new stage seems better than the last!

Wednesday, October 7

Children's books that change your child


Pronunciation: \ˌa-fər-ˈmā-shən\

Function: noun

1 a : the act of affirming b : something affirmed : a positive assertion


As adults we strongly believe in the power of affirmations. I wonder if we would need them so badly as adults if we would have heard them as young children... even little babes. When I was still pregnant I knew early on that I wanted to use every moment I could to positively affirm my son. Not because I thought he was ultra special (event tho I do) but because I believe in the power of positive words, packed full of strength and guidance.  I am currently using music and children's books to do this. Here are some of my favorites!

While I still enjoy reading to Parker ">Boom-Chicka-Boom-Boom and Where The Wild Things Are, the following books are truly amazing gifts to share with any child, young or old!

Marianne Richmond is an amazing author. One of her books that I love is Hooray for You- A Celebration of You-ness! Here is simply one line from the book. 'For quite a long time the world saved a place. Millions were born, yet non filled your space...' How about that being said to you every day!


Dr. Wayne Dyer also has some AMAZING books! Please someone rock me everyday and read them to me!!! Unstoppable Me- 10 Ways to Soar Through Life & Incredible You! 10 Ways To Let Your Greatness Shine Through.

Max Lucado's Wemmicks series has four books in it (also a DVD series) with my favorite one being, You Are Special.


The Twelve Gifts of Birth, by Charlene Costanzo. 'The third gift is Courage. May you speak and act with confidence and use courage to follow your own path."


I would love to hear what some of your favorite  children's books are!

Tuesday, October 6

All droughts come to an end!

The joys of having a child, similar to those of a pet... only somehow more intense. I can remember when Pons was a puppy one day he would wake up with a horrible limp or cough and the next day it would be gone. No trace of evidence ever remained... usually just a bill!

A baby poses the same types of dilemma. Should I act upon it, or is it 'this too shall pass' type of thing. Today, Parker began his 4th day without pooping. Let me start by telling you that this kid is all boy. He has a short temper like a boy (what... he didn't get it from me!!!) he sweats like a boy, burps like a boy and poops like a boy. He has never pooped after every feeding. Rather, he prefers three hard grunts and whole body crunches to fill his cloth diaper inside and out with a river of poo' lying in the liner.

So, when he stopped pooping I became a little worried. I don't even think I realized he hadn't until day 2. On the eve of day 3 I began to do some research to see if this was a serious problem and if I should be doing something to help stimulate things!  To me, it seemed crazy that a breast feed baby, with liquid poop could become constipated, so I was staying pretty calm about things. It also helped that he didn't seem uncomfortable at all. I did some research and it seemed ok that he hadn't gone, that breast feed babies can go weeks without, sometimes. Day 4 began with lots of grunting and gas most of the morning and at 4pm he pooped! It wasn't the blow out that I thought it might be but I was happy with the product.

Dad got home around 6:30 and I ran to the store. He called me shortly after and I thought what could it be... He asked me, 'Is this a joke?' Parker had filled his pants and then some. And he had saved it for Dad!



Tuesday, September 29

Wow... what a day!

Parker is now living his 5th week of life... and let me tell you, he might just be in control. The child's awake time has been crazy long since he was born, and now each day he gets older, it's like he gets board with just being, he wants some stimulation! Other than contrasting images in black, white and red... I got nothing! He doesn't love his swing, and his bouncy chair is ok... otherwise, he wants to be held or at least sat beside and talked to. I find myself longing for him to be a couple of months old so that we can start playing cards at least.

As I talk about this with my mom, she is silent. Why, because she is biting her tongue instead of saying, 'He's spoiled Chandra!' Well, at this point it is what it is... I will keep you posted on our progress with card playing, I'm thinking I will teach him Uno.

Friday, September 25

Who taught him this?

Parker Double Fist

Today, my son learned to 'double fist.'

As I stared down upon him, watching him fight to achieve this act and then become peaceful after accomplishing it... I wondered who taught him this! At this very moment, am I proud of him or is this a foreshadowing of what the future holds? All day I pondered this... and then it hit me.

He learned it from me!

Chan Double Fist

Monday, September 14

and I had a baby!

That's right folks, August 20, 2009 was the most invigorating day of my life. I wish I could experience that day over and over again... but I can't! Luckily I have hours of video footage and lots of pictures! I am working on my birth story to share with the world, so be patient with me please... after all, I do have a new born! 

And that brings me to my question... why is it that this state (sleeping) is so fought by these little precious bundles of light? Is it because they might miss something? Is it because they know that we might for just two hours... think or do something that doesn't evolve around them?!!! Is it because we as parents need to be reminded that for the next 50+ years we will be tested daily by our joyous creations?! Not really sure... I just know my little guy LOVES to fight sleep... but when he joins sleep with a welcoming embrace- he is this STINKIN' cute!

'I Surrender'

Friday, July 31

Bead for Life

Bead for LifeI was introduced to this non profit this week by my girlfriend and I want to share it with you! I think what it stands for is FANTASTIC! The slogan is 'Eradicating Poverty One Bead At A Time' and it does that is by buying beads that women in Uganda are making and selling them in the States and returning the money to them!

Most of the women who make these beads/jewelry out of recycled paper are single mothers and/or women with HIV. Bead For Life is a way for them to make enough money for themselves to buy the medication they need to stay alive, while also providing for their families.

These women feel a level of accomplishment and pride as they are able to live a life that they feared would soon be gone. Many also build the homes they live in with this income! 

Please take a moment and check out the web site. There is also an amazing video if you have 5 minutes... it's worth watching!

See if you can purchase the beaded jewelry in your town or if you can host a party or how deeply you can get involved! I doubt you will be untouched or disappointed!

Food for thought...

Food for thoughtHave you ever stopped to evaluate yourself and your acceptance skills? What I mean is, when someone is passionately expressing something that they love or feel strongly about how do you respond? Say the topic is something you know little about. Say the topic is something that you don't particularly agree with. What is your response...

I have been coming up against this a lot in my own life on my 9 month pregnancy journey. It is no secret that my husband is a chiropractor, we live in tree hugging Seattle and that I too love to push the envelope and do things more naturally.  But you can't even imagine the responses and questions that I get from family, friends and even strangers.

I feel as if I've been writing a thesis for a Master's (me, I know right?!)  and what I have concluded from both research and experience is that humans, especially women don't like to encourage one another. The competitive, cut-throat nature that is in all of us, often escapes our lips before we even realize it and smashes the others dreams, telling them that they can't!

I have NEVER been told that I couldn't do something as many times as I have, until I became pregnant. Here is just a short list:

-You will wish he's back inside once he's out

-You're having a natural birth... no drugs, no hospital? Good Luck.

-We'll see how long you cloth diaper

-You believe what about vaccines, circumcision and breast feeding?

and that's just a few! As discouraging as it's been, not to receive encouragement and have others share in my excitement, I have been empowered and inspired as HELL! 

Women, we have let science take away our mind/body connection that God purposely gave us. It is innate and it's ready to work- we just have to believe in it.  I have realized the last few months that my calling is in yoga, pre and post pregnancy and in teaching women that they are amazing beings with incredible strength and wisdom to BE. I have committed myself to learning more and I will be sharing it... so stay tuned!

On a lighter note, all of this just got me thinking... how do I listen, interpret and respond to others when they are sharing with me what they are doing in their lives or what they are passionate about.

Reflect on!

Tuesday, July 21

Looking for a Chiropractor?

Especially helps with narcolepsy

One night last week we were eating dinner minding our own business when we realized we didn't hear Tuff. We both turned around  to see what he might be into but instead we found this. Tuff, silently advertising that his Daddy is the best chiropractor around (13128 Totem Lake Blvd. Suite 203, Kirkland WA. in case you were wondering!). He clearly isn't a natural marketer or he wouldn't be sleeping on the job... but I guess we will keep him on payroll... or keep feeding him at least!

Monday, July 20

Welcome to my new home...

Those of you who know me well... know that I can not do any one thing for to0 long, before it's on to the next! So with that, I am moving my attention to blogging at this site.

I am about to give birth as you know and I also feel that at that moment I will give birth to a new me as well! This blog is going to be raw, uncut and unedited... (well, most of my work is unedited!)

I hope that it brings you laughs, tears and inspiration!

Here I go again...

Those of you who know me well... know that I can not do any one thing for to long, before it's on to the next! So with that, I am moving my attention to blogging at this site.

I am about to give birth as you know and I also feel that at that moment I will give birth to a new me as well! This blog is going to be raw, uncut and unedited... (well, most of my work is unedited!)

I hope that it brings you laughs, tears and inspiration!

Monday, February 2

Hearing the heart beat!

We had our 3rd month check up today at the birth center and after visiting a second option on Friday, we felt like staying with the original relationship was the best choice.

It was a great appointment, everyone was really ‘on & friendly.’ I laughed when we left telling Doug the real reason you have these appointments is to counsel the mom and for the dad to hear it all so he knows mom’s not crazy... just pregnant!

We had some questions answered, she checked my blood pressure, scolded me a little and we listened to the heart beat! Visit the movie page on this website and you can see the video. The beginning has some static, but then you will hear the baby actually moving! Lastly you will hear the heart beat two different times, really clearly!

It’s soooo exciting to finally hear it! She said next month when we come in I should be feeling the baby move and we get to schedule our ultrasound!!!!

Sunday, February 1

Hiking Little Si!!!

We decided we wanted to do something together and FREE... so we went hiking! It’s soooo crazy being pregnant because I’m just not myself at all. Hiking the mountain was HARD for me yesterday... seriously!

We stopped twice on the way up for me to rest, and enjoyed the view at the top. It was such a nice clear and warm day, we couldn’t have done anything better with our time.

It took a total of 3 hr 15 min, and we were on our way home to watch the Super Bowl. It was a great game and a great day!

Sunday, January 25


Friday Doug and I were walking around Nordstrom’s before dinner and I wanted to play in the baby clothes! As we were leaving and Doug was crying we can’t have a girl... I found the shoes!
I agreed, let’s have a boy, he will only need ‘these, these & these’ then just to be mean I walked to the girls shoes and said, but Babe... SHE will only need ‘these, these, these, these, these & these!’

Let’s pray it’s a boy people!

12 weeks and growing...

I have felt soooo big this whole weekend! I think that my stomach is working very hard at showing and I feel like it’s too early. I keep asking Doug if I look fat, of course he answer’s ‘Your Pregnant.’
I think it’s because I know that I’m hungry ALL THE TIME, and that I feel like I’m eating ALL THE TIME... so that must equate to getting fat!

I didn’t weigh in at the doctor on our first visit, they said weight didn’t matter to them if it didn’t matter to me... so I gave them a ‘ball park figure.’ I knew I had to be careful with the number I gave them, not wanting to add extra weight to myself for no reason! Doug, Darren and I played racquet ball today (it was soooo much fun! My competitive side is still alive!) so I weighed myself at the gym. I read today you should only gain 1 lb per month at this point... so that gives me 3 lbs. Doing the math... I should be just fine.

You know what it is? It’s the constant, gassy, bloated, heart burn feelings that I have. Not working out very much at this point is also playing with my head. This week my goal is to do something every day.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 20

A Morning at Columbia Tower Club & A Day at the Spa!

What a CRAZY, AMAZING Team I have!

My birthday morning started off at 7:45 am, with NO alarm going off. Not a big deal normally, however we were meeting everyone at the office at 8am!!!!!!!!!

About 8:15am we pulled in the parking lot, waiting on a few others still too! Darren was a little stressed as he had reserved a room at the Columbia Tower Club in Downtown Seattle for 9am breakfast. I told him no worries, everyone was already at their destination watching the Inauguration! The roads weren’t to bad even though it was a crazy foggy morning. We made it there with time to spare and even got to see the President being sworn in!

Up on the 75 floor (this is the tallest building in Seattle!) we took yet another floor up to our room. It was a beautiful table already sat, a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling and Mount Rainier right at our eye’s level. Because of the fog, the clouds laid out right before us, so magical and so thick you could have sworn you could have walked on them! It was breath taking!

Breakfast was amazing of course and I devoured my french toast! :) Baby likes to eat... what can I say! It was a glorious morning with my favorite teammates (joke for Darren).

Around 11ish everyone started getting a little restless and we made our way down stairs to the lobby. For some reason today we chose to stand on the street and ‘act’ like we were waiting on our cars. I thought this was a little odd, because we parked underground and have NEVER been picked up at the street level before?!!!

Moments later a stinkin black limo pulls up and Molly walks up to it like it’s for her! I couldn’t believe it... I knew Doug had to get back to see patients, Brigit had lunch plans and Darren I’m sure had tons to do... so I had no idea what was going on.

Doug gave me an itinerary and a bag full of clothes and said I had the whole day off and to get in the limo. Toni explained to me who the gift was from (thanks amazing bosses and team!) and Darren said enjoy! 

I got in the limo and she took me to Nordstrom Spa for the whole day! Seriously... 12noon to 6pm!
I had a massage, lunch, two hour pedicure and manicure and a facial! I have never been sooo pampered in all my life! A little weird at times, like when they wanted to cary my water and walk me to the bathroom (it was my 16th trip... I told them I could surly find it!) although I decided I could defiantly live a life filled with these moments!

Sunday, January 18

11 weeks and finally...

Starting to feel like myself again! At least I’m running again, 2 days in a row now! Feels so refreshing to think that I might not always feel so.... weird?!

I told Dad I was running and he said “What?!” Don’t worry Dad, they say you can do anything you did before pregnancy, during pregnancy... I just have to listen to my body!

Trust me, it’s not the same ‘Doug you want to go for a run,’ then I try to stay one foot in front of him the whole time (!!!) kind of run. It’s full of grace and lot’s of walking too!

I’ve decided there is a moral to life that I will learn this pregnancy ‘How to have Grace for myself.’ And if I don’t quite get the lesson learned before the peanut is born... then I have 18+ more years, right?!

Saturday, January 17

Protests, Pike’s Place & Crab Legs... oh my!

Baby decided he/she wanted crab for Mamma’s birthday, so what better place to get crab legs than Pike’s Place Market, down town?! So, Molly and I went down town, on a beautiful sunny day to maybe shop a little and get dinner at the market!

Our first experience was the inability to get to the parking garage... why, you might ask? Because hundreds of people were protesting the War in Gaza. Crazy thing was, 12 cops on motor cycles were aiding them in there march, right up Pike Street! Finally we got through the craziness and started the shopping... or looking?!!!

I got a shirt and necklace at JCrew for $20 and we tried on some things at Nordstroms... but that was it. We slit some appetizers at PF Changs and heading into the sun light and down the steep hill of Pike Street. I laughed telling Doug, I literally almost fell down the hill because it was sooo sunny that I couldn’t see!

We walked the whole market looking for the best, and best priced legs! We found ‘puny ones’ for $19.99 lb, ‘big ones’ for $19.99 and even more for $24.99... Needless to say I went for the ‘big ones’ for $19.99. I got some asparagus there also but since the legs just broke me... I was done!

Back at the store I got some rosemary bread, and Doug made some couscous with asparagus, cheese and tomatoes! The crab was soooo worth it and I would do it again!

It was a great Bday celebration! Thanks babe for your time in the kitchen!

Monday, January 5

Birth Center

Last week we had our consultation where we got to see the inside and learn more about what they do/don’t do there and decide if we would like to use them to ‘catch our baby!’ (Seriously I should keep track of how many times this phrase is used!) We have clearly decided to use them, as today was our official 1st appointment in the journey of prenatal care! 
Today I am 9 weeks and 2 days according to them, so they asked if we would like to hear the heart beat. We both new it would be hit or miss as 10 weeks is usually the earliest you can hear it, but after feeling soooo weird lately I image it to be a relief to KNOW that there is life inside you! We gave it a try, but no such luck. When it’s this early and the baby is so little, it hides behind your pubic bone. Oh well, we’ll try next month. 
It’s funny because they keep asking me if I have questions... and I don’t really yet. I’m starting to read more about things but it’s nice to just experience things as they happen and ask questions when they come, you know?! Anyways, feeling better every day and I even ran today! Mile stone!!!
Check out the birthing centers website if you’d like:

Sunday, January 4

Baby Likes...

the weirdest things! It’s official... I am Prego. Now I am fully aware that I have been eating random things that I don’t normally eat... but I was blaming the nausea. Unfortunately... but fortunately I don’t have that luxury any more. (Chalk 1 up to chiropractic and an amazing Atlas adjustment last week!) Anyways... Doug and I went out to eat this weekend and NOTHING looked good on the menu, so you know what I ordered? A full rack of ribs and fries!  This might have been the 3 time max in my entire life that I have ever eaten ribs! I don’t know what I was thinking because when she brought me the plate I couldn’t even look at it. I did my best to eat 1/2 the rack, picking at it the whole time like a sissy girl! Doug said I wasn’t even cleaning the bone, but I was O.K. with that... it was the best I could do given the circumstances! And trust me, ask him if he enjoyed the other 1/2 rack tonight for dinner! He can thank the baby!!!