Monday, January 5

Birth Center

Last week we had our consultation where we got to see the inside and learn more about what they do/don’t do there and decide if we would like to use them to ‘catch our baby!’ (Seriously I should keep track of how many times this phrase is used!) We have clearly decided to use them, as today was our official 1st appointment in the journey of prenatal care! 
Today I am 9 weeks and 2 days according to them, so they asked if we would like to hear the heart beat. We both new it would be hit or miss as 10 weeks is usually the earliest you can hear it, but after feeling soooo weird lately I image it to be a relief to KNOW that there is life inside you! We gave it a try, but no such luck. When it’s this early and the baby is so little, it hides behind your pubic bone. Oh well, we’ll try next month. 
It’s funny because they keep asking me if I have questions... and I don’t really yet. I’m starting to read more about things but it’s nice to just experience things as they happen and ask questions when they come, you know?! Anyways, feeling better every day and I even ran today! Mile stone!!!
Check out the birthing centers website if you’d like:

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