Tuesday, January 20

A Morning at Columbia Tower Club & A Day at the Spa!

What a CRAZY, AMAZING Team I have!

My birthday morning started off at 7:45 am, with NO alarm going off. Not a big deal normally, however we were meeting everyone at the office at 8am!!!!!!!!!

About 8:15am we pulled in the parking lot, waiting on a few others still too! Darren was a little stressed as he had reserved a room at the Columbia Tower Club in Downtown Seattle for 9am breakfast. I told him no worries, everyone was already at their destination watching the Inauguration! The roads weren’t to bad even though it was a crazy foggy morning. We made it there with time to spare and even got to see the President being sworn in!

Up on the 75 floor (this is the tallest building in Seattle!) we took yet another floor up to our room. It was a beautiful table already sat, a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling and Mount Rainier right at our eye’s level. Because of the fog, the clouds laid out right before us, so magical and so thick you could have sworn you could have walked on them! It was breath taking!

Breakfast was amazing of course and I devoured my french toast! :) Baby likes to eat... what can I say! It was a glorious morning with my favorite teammates (joke for Darren).

Around 11ish everyone started getting a little restless and we made our way down stairs to the lobby. For some reason today we chose to stand on the street and ‘act’ like we were waiting on our cars. I thought this was a little odd, because we parked underground and have NEVER been picked up at the street level before?!!!

Moments later a stinkin black limo pulls up and Molly walks up to it like it’s for her! I couldn’t believe it... I knew Doug had to get back to see patients, Brigit had lunch plans and Darren I’m sure had tons to do... so I had no idea what was going on.

Doug gave me an itinerary and a bag full of clothes and said I had the whole day off and to get in the limo. Toni explained to me who the gift was from (thanks amazing bosses and team!) and Darren said enjoy! 

I got in the limo and she took me to Nordstrom Spa for the whole day! Seriously... 12noon to 6pm!
I had a massage, lunch, two hour pedicure and manicure and a facial! I have never been sooo pampered in all my life! A little weird at times, like when they wanted to cary my water and walk me to the bathroom (it was my 16th trip... I told them I could surly find it!) although I decided I could defiantly live a life filled with these moments!

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