Monday, June 23


Well we did it! We added on to the family. I never thought the day would come that we would own a cat...but we do! His name is currently Tuff, but we like Finn, so we will see which name sticks.

He is a 4yr old Maine Coon. I got him yesterday afternoon and he hid under the couch all day and half the night. The rest of the night he roamed the house was horrible. I think I slept 3 hours max...and truly had visions of packing him up in the car!!!!

He is a really sweet cat, and hopefully things will all work out! My mom always says, give the 'kids' 2 weeks to adjust...but seriously mom...2 weeks?!!!!

Sunday, June 22

Pondering life

Life truly is a journey. The good news is, it's ours...but we have to make the choices, right? Do I choose to be 'happy' in this moment, or do I have 'pitty' for myself? Am I 'angry' in this moment, or do I choose to be 'grateful' for these opportunities of experience and growth? I feel like I've been asking myself these questions a lot lately. Does anyone else ever feel this way?...
Lately I've been holding feelings and thoughts in to process them. This is way out of my character...I know! But it's been good for me because it gives me time so I can truly understand what I am feeling and what the true emotions are. This is something I learned from my dear friend 'Tony Robbins!!!' I might not really be angry at someone or about something, but rather feel lonely. And I have one of two choices to make when feeling ANY type of emotion. I can either change how I'm communicating myself if I'm not getting results or I can change how I'm interpreting the whole situation.
Again...I have the choice! Isn't life grand!!!

Another Weekend at Alki

Not this weekend...No! I think we both worked 70+ hours this week-weekend!!!
But last weekend we went to a BBQ at Natalie's house. When she told me she lived on Alki...I had no idea she meant she lived on the street running along the water!!! It was amazing! We grilled out then sat on the beach with sand in our toes all night long. We waited hours for a fire pit...but one never opened up. We ended up compromising and making our own fire. What is a night on the beach without smores? Check it out!!!

Saturday, June 14

Barely remember this day!!!

Days and days was warm and sunny here! Trust me, it hasn't been since...
I got sick when we got back from Ohio, traveling was hard on me i guess, but the following Saturday it was well in the 70's so we borrowed the Mini and headed to Alki Beach to check out a new place!

Our skin almost burnt off on the way because everyone else also wanted to go to the beach that day, so we basically sat in traffic with the top down and our white skin boiling!! It was a great, relaxing day we saw the Statue of Liberty and a beached whale!!!

Check out the traffic on the way back...seriously, everyone came out to play!

Congrats Jen!

Mother's Day weekend Doug and I traveled back home for his sister Jenny's graduation and to spend time with our mom's!
It was a fly by night trip with a red-eye on Thursday night and go-go-go in between before a late flight back on Sunday.
It was a great trip, check out some of the pics!