Tuesday, October 27

Sewing Again... take 2!

Got an itch and this time I'm running with it.

I have had this crazy sewing machine since the days of Iowa. I got it out in December and played around as much as I could with out the manual but then put it away, dreaming about what I could make rather than actually doing it. Three times since then I've said I'm going to order the manual but haven't yet. Worst part is I can't figure out how to load the bobbin...

Either way, since having Parker I've decided I want to make things for him. Making girls clothes would be ideal, but since that would mean I'm dressing my son in drag I've opted for slippers and blankets and such.

A new craze right now are those crazy leather slippers right, for $28 or more... and they fit for what 4 weeks?!!! Well, I found a pattern for free on the internet and decided I was going to make my own pair. (Please note that I have nothing against those adorable leather booties... I would own several if I could afford them!)

This weekend when I was putting out winter clothes I made a pile for Good Will and a pile for craft projects. So I made Parker a pair of booties out of a skirt I will NEVER fit in again, a jacket that Doug won't wear any more and scraps from curtains that I hemmed. I did buy fleece to line a blanket I'm working on and had some left over, so I lined them with fleece so they are extra warm. Not sure my overly hot blooded, hot tempered child needs them lined... but they are any ways!

Here is the finished product... what do you think?


Anna said...


I love those leather shoes, too . . . but Tucker only has pairs that other people have given us.

amanda lynne said...

love them. great job!!