Tuesday, November 17


Some days I can't believe it's been 3 months. Three months since I had a baby, since I used to do what ever I wanted, when ever. Since I'd run here, run there without a care in the world. Since I shopped for myself, pampered myself... really almost only thought of myself.

Now my world is different. It's somehow a combination of fierce planning with crazy, unending grace. If the dishes get washed, they get washed and some days I get to shower and shave!

I've seen lately my stubborn side reigning in my life. In the scenario of, I need some time to myself. Need to grab brunch, a pedi and go shopping with the girls. I've been seriously missing a hard core workout. Some hot yoga or a hill workout. I can close my eyes and remember my body with defined muscle tone... but then I open them and it's gone, just like that.

Just the time I start to get phased, because things are no longer in my control, in my time and on my hour, I hear a little coo in the distance. And just like that the crazy cycle that was just spinning has stopped and my life becomes centered on the little man in his bed that has woken from his sleepy slumber and it's time to turn 'it' back on. Back to kick ass mom mode... but you know what I wouldn't change a thing. How could I, with moments like these?


rihana barlage said...

this is one of my top fav. parker pictures. he looks so perfect & handsome :D

Sarah Williams said...

Amen. And mine turned 1 yesterday. This pic is perfect. And it explains everything, huh? I love being a mom.