Saturday, January 17

Protests, Pike’s Place & Crab Legs... oh my!

Baby decided he/she wanted crab for Mamma’s birthday, so what better place to get crab legs than Pike’s Place Market, down town?! So, Molly and I went down town, on a beautiful sunny day to maybe shop a little and get dinner at the market!

Our first experience was the inability to get to the parking garage... why, you might ask? Because hundreds of people were protesting the War in Gaza. Crazy thing was, 12 cops on motor cycles were aiding them in there march, right up Pike Street! Finally we got through the craziness and started the shopping... or looking?!!!

I got a shirt and necklace at JCrew for $20 and we tried on some things at Nordstroms... but that was it. We slit some appetizers at PF Changs and heading into the sun light and down the steep hill of Pike Street. I laughed telling Doug, I literally almost fell down the hill because it was sooo sunny that I couldn’t see!

We walked the whole market looking for the best, and best priced legs! We found ‘puny ones’ for $19.99 lb, ‘big ones’ for $19.99 and even more for $24.99... Needless to say I went for the ‘big ones’ for $19.99. I got some asparagus there also but since the legs just broke me... I was done!

Back at the store I got some rosemary bread, and Doug made some couscous with asparagus, cheese and tomatoes! The crab was soooo worth it and I would do it again!

It was a great Bday celebration! Thanks babe for your time in the kitchen!

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