Tuesday, September 29

Wow... what a day!

Parker is now living his 5th week of life... and let me tell you, he might just be in control. The child's awake time has been crazy long since he was born, and now each day he gets older, it's like he gets board with just being, he wants some stimulation! Other than contrasting images in black, white and red... I got nothing! He doesn't love his swing, and his bouncy chair is ok... otherwise, he wants to be held or at least sat beside and talked to. I find myself longing for him to be a couple of months old so that we can start playing cards at least.

As I talk about this with my mom, she is silent. Why, because she is biting her tongue instead of saying, 'He's spoiled Chandra!' Well, at this point it is what it is... I will keep you posted on our progress with card playing, I'm thinking I will teach him Uno.

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