Friday, July 31

Food for thought...

Food for thoughtHave you ever stopped to evaluate yourself and your acceptance skills? What I mean is, when someone is passionately expressing something that they love or feel strongly about how do you respond? Say the topic is something you know little about. Say the topic is something that you don't particularly agree with. What is your response...

I have been coming up against this a lot in my own life on my 9 month pregnancy journey. It is no secret that my husband is a chiropractor, we live in tree hugging Seattle and that I too love to push the envelope and do things more naturally.  But you can't even imagine the responses and questions that I get from family, friends and even strangers.

I feel as if I've been writing a thesis for a Master's (me, I know right?!)  and what I have concluded from both research and experience is that humans, especially women don't like to encourage one another. The competitive, cut-throat nature that is in all of us, often escapes our lips before we even realize it and smashes the others dreams, telling them that they can't!

I have NEVER been told that I couldn't do something as many times as I have, until I became pregnant. Here is just a short list:

-You will wish he's back inside once he's out

-You're having a natural birth... no drugs, no hospital? Good Luck.

-We'll see how long you cloth diaper

-You believe what about vaccines, circumcision and breast feeding?

and that's just a few! As discouraging as it's been, not to receive encouragement and have others share in my excitement, I have been empowered and inspired as HELL! 

Women, we have let science take away our mind/body connection that God purposely gave us. It is innate and it's ready to work- we just have to believe in it.  I have realized the last few months that my calling is in yoga, pre and post pregnancy and in teaching women that they are amazing beings with incredible strength and wisdom to BE. I have committed myself to learning more and I will be sharing it... so stay tuned!

On a lighter note, all of this just got me thinking... how do I listen, interpret and respond to others when they are sharing with me what they are doing in their lives or what they are passionate about.

Reflect on!

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