Tuesday, December 30

I have a SURPRISE...

Greetings friends & family!
Again, my apologizes for being so absent. I have 'few' excuses!

I have been working on a new website & blog for the family... check it out!
You will also find out something VERY exciting!

It's still under construction, but enjoy:


Wednesday, December 24

The Word Is Out!

Being home since Sunday night... Doug didn’t think I could keep the secret, but I did! I had been a little sick before I’d left, with Saturday being my worst day yet so I will admit that I was a little hesitant how this all might go down. Doug thought I should say I was beginning to feel sick, so if things got bad... I would have laid the foundation! I was pleased to find out that while in Ohio I actually felt really good... for the first 3 days anyways!

Doug FINALLY got in at 5pm on Christmas Eve and he thought we should tell my family at my Grandma’s house that night. I had thought about this already, but being such a big gathering... I wasn’t sure. Anyways, I brought the ‘card’ and was prepared to tell the big news when the time was right!

At 9PM Dad and Colby planned to leave to go home to bed, so I knew I had to work fast! The card was addressed to ‘Greg & Tami’ with instructions of ‘Open together.’ FINALLY they opened it, without anyone leaving! Dad knew what the card was saying right away and began to tear! Mom... it took a few minutes to set in, then her mouth hit the floor! She gave the card to Rihana & Alex and the surprise was shared all over again. 

No one could believe we’d kept it a secret since Dec. 6, but we knew telling them in person would be worth the wait for everyone! 

We also told Doug’s parents that night... only there response was a little different.
After they read the card and told us ‘Congratulations,’ Kelly said she had something to tell us. She had called our favorite coffee shop ‘Urban Coffee Lounge’ on Saturday to put money on Doug’s gift card and they said “Oh, Congratulations!” “We know too much about our customers.” She instantly hung up the phone and said, “I think Chandra’s pregnant!” 

What are the odds!

Saturday, December 20

The very moment I awake...

Boy, 5 weeks into this pregnancy I thought this is NO BIG DEAL! Sure, I’m a little tired and find myself taking naps everyday at lunch, but over all I feel great. And then the morning came... the moment I woke up my gag refluxes were turned on. Not having dealt with this yet, I got up forced two cups of tea down with toast, peanut butter and bananas. What was I thinking?!! The combination sank to the bottom of my stomach and was still there when I went to bed. At 1pm I realized I hadn’t event drank any water that day. Needless to say if this is going to be a part of my daily life I decided to take it easy and slow in the mornings. Morning #2, I cut up an apple into really small pieces and it took me 1 hour to eat! But I did it!!! Both of these days, I did find that I started to feel better by 5pm, so I’ll take that right?! I was encouraged by some to get up and get some fresh air in the morning to see if that would help. So first thing out of bed I bundle up and go for a walk around the lake the first time I did this it worked, I felt great all day... but since then I’ve been sick again the last two mornings/days. I guess it is what it is and it hits when it hits! I will take it though, because I know it could be worse!!!

Saturday, December 6

Sewing Again!

I’ve been itching to sew and create again... but for some reason I was trapped in the sadness of not doing it that I wasn’t breaking free and just doing it! I have a machine, however, I don’t really know how to load the bobber, but I got out the trusty computer and asked Google what to do! Here’s another little secret I have, I LOVE shopping at Value Village here. It’s basically a Good Will, only better! If you didn’t know this about me, I love all things ugly, questionable, loud and event old lady-ish! However, I see the character and the strength in these objects or animals (!!) and I want to make them my own and bring them back to life. So that’s what I’ve decided to do!


Today I found myself speaking with my girlfriend Ashley and saying... “I haven’t started my period yet, but I keep having these crazy contractions on both sides of my stomach.” She asked me when my last period was and I realized for the first time I was 6 days late! You have to understand, I’m the girl that things she’s pregnant EVERY month, but not this month, I never once thought that I might be. I knew we had a party in the evening so I decided to buy a test and see if it would once again, so faithfully give me the ever popular NEGATIVE. I did the 5 second deed and instantly 1 bright red line appeared. I screamed at Doug “I don’t know why you people make me waste my money... it’s always negative!” Set the timer for 3 minutes and left the bathroom totally excepting that it was negative. Minutes later I went to see the lone line one last time and to my disbelif... there was a second faint line trying ever so hard to be seen! I was in SHOCK! I covered my mouth with my shirt and leaned out the door and just looked at Doug. Being the drama queen that I am, I’m not even sure what his initial thought was... however I gave him the shock of his life also! “Babe...” I said, “We’re going to have a BABY!”