Thursday, December 10

Just add a zipper!

Having lost baby weight... my creative side is eager to dress like it used to. Dresses, tights, tunics and belts, jackets, ect. However, I've encountered a couple problems.
1. Half of my wardrobe I don't want to have dry cleaned or ruined, due to crazy amounts of puke.
2. Dresses while a girls best friend almost her whole life... are not on your side while breast feeding... unless you 'put a zipper in it!'

When wondering what to wear for Christmas Eve festivities... I stumbled upon a pile of free 'Kenzie' dresses that were once samples. This dress happened to have a slit in the back, so we patched it with duct tape. I liked the color well enough and loved that it had pockets... but how would I feed?

Loving raw zippers, I knew that's what it needed. So... I did it! My first zipper attempt, no directions and I didn't even have the zipper foot, attachment. Here are the before and after photos. It totally works, looks great and I can't wait to find my next project that needs a zipper!


Anonymous said...

love it. lol you are so creative. thank God for 2009 & skype or i wouldn't be able to get anything done.

speaking of zippers i have a pair of jeans on right now that feel like the zipper is about to blow soon. better master denim next.



Belinda Leppa said...

I think you have a whole new 'Mothering' clothing line in your future Chandra. Let me know if you want to co-create :)
- Bee

The Bulows said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! where were you when I needed post maternity clothing... I agree, Mothering clothing line!!!

January said...

Wow, that is awesome! You really are creative and you acted on it! I agree, that is a new clothing like just waiting to happen. Get on it girl!