Monday, February 2

Hearing the heart beat!

We had our 3rd month check up today at the birth center and after visiting a second option on Friday, we felt like staying with the original relationship was the best choice.

It was a great appointment, everyone was really ‘on & friendly.’ I laughed when we left telling Doug the real reason you have these appointments is to counsel the mom and for the dad to hear it all so he knows mom’s not crazy... just pregnant!

We had some questions answered, she checked my blood pressure, scolded me a little and we listened to the heart beat! Visit the movie page on this website and you can see the video. The beginning has some static, but then you will hear the baby actually moving! Lastly you will hear the heart beat two different times, really clearly!

It’s soooo exciting to finally hear it! She said next month when we come in I should be feeling the baby move and we get to schedule our ultrasound!!!!

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