Sunday, February 10

Hello...Is anyone working today?!!

So with snow fall...comes cancellations! Doug went to work that day, but all the patients cancelled, check out the parking lot!

My question is...who made this snowman; Doug, Dr. White or Molly?!!!!!

When it snows - the world shuts down...

...Well in Washington anyways. Last week one day we woke up and started getting around for work. Normally I draw the blinds, turn on the fireplace and sip my prep myself for the day ahead. Only, I think we got up we had been up for a while before I drew the blinds. Only to find that a Winter Wonderland had blown in during the night!

It's hard being Lou!

Oh to be a dog right?!! You would never believe that he's a bird dog, let alone that he's only 2.5 yrs old! All day long he lays on the couch like this:

Then you go to the dog park or to the mountians or beach and he turns into this:

Then it's back to laying on the couch until bed time! Gotta LOVE Louie Trace!!!