Monday, June 28

Green Juice

when life gives you lemons
make lemonade...


a super health green juice!

Thursday, June 24

10 months... New

I can't believe he's 10 months old!
Every day is something new
Noises, gestures, actions
You name it!

I have never felt so many feelings defeat
yet matched so perfectly with waves of triumph
Slept so little yet loved so much...

We have some serious fun together!
Here's a little of the last few weeks!

Friends 'Super Hero' Bday Party!

Hanging out Mr. T style!
Crazy hair day... just because!
Must do 'everything' standing up... even bath time!
A successful hostile takeover of mom & dads bed!

Tuesday, May 25

Holy Cowabunga!

I had NO idea...
that a move across the country would effect my little family members so much.

I had NO idea...
how owning a business would feel. It has felt a lot like having a second child. In the sense that it consumes your every act, all day. You think about it from sun up, until sun down. And the level of loyalty, and good will that you wish for it- crazy!

It's all good. We are all good.

Just letting you know that I haven't died. I still love you and care about you and what's going on in your life!

Pray for us these next couple of months as we continue to transition in the office and in our lives. I promise to soon, very soon start blogging again! Patience my sweet friends!


Friday, May 21

9 months... what a crazy month!

Yesterday we celebrated Parker's 9 months of life by going to the zoo with my sis-in-law and her two cuties.

Lately I've been feeling like 'Oh my word, he's not a baby any more.' 'He's almost 1 you know... I should start planning his birthday.' and that's really just to name a few, really...

But then it hit me yesterday. He's still a baby - he's 9 months old! Hello, Chandra! Cool your jets Lady...

So, today I'm back on track. Embracing every moment, fall, scratch, tear, bite :) sleepless night... Because he's still a baby! (Although I think that someone should tell him this, because SERIOUSLY the kid thinks he's ready for college.)

This month Parker has spent some of his time,

Standing up to EVERYTHING!

Eating Beets!

Eating Grass!

Making funny 'cheese' faces!


has orchestrated a very LARGE sleep strike... at night time any way!

Friday, May 14

Unlock the magic!

Yesterday was a BIG day for the Endels!
We officially own a practice... and a building.

Parker and I didn't want to miss the signing with Daddy's blood
so we showered, dressed in our best and left the meeting before it really got started!

I wasn't sure if they could concentrate between the jingling of keys that were launching spit bombs across the large conference room table
or the sound of the grunts coming from Parker as he turned bright red and looked at me like, Mom, can you help?! (They thought he was being silly, but I knew it was the poop he's been working on for a few days!)

So we left.

And then we entertained everyone in the lobby until 1 hour passed and daddy emerged strapped to a wagon hauling a butt load of papers to the car. It was finished, just like that...

Parker, dearest Parker. Please have patience with us as we dive head first into this business. It is all for you son.

God, bless us. Bless the practice. Bless others through us.

Gotta go... gotta get Internet, and phone lines and, and, and......

(Parker eating the keys to his future!!!)

Tuesday, May 11

A melted heart

If you have spoken with me these last few weeks,
it's no secret that there's been a lot of these...
and not just from mr. parker!

~The move
~Mommies emotions
~Little sleep
Have made things a little stressful...

But amidst all the craziness and uncertainty
there is JOY!

This morning, after a sleepless night,
Parker showered us with kisses
and chanted da-da-da!

Our hearts melted in unison
and it was like we didn't have a trouble in the world.
And why should we?
We have each other and our health and the love of Jesus!

Rock on!

Thursday, May 6

Little Hiatus

This week we will finalize our move across the country.
Until then Park and I are on the farm and Doug in his trusty Penske!

Life should be a little more normal next week! More to come...