Monday, September 14

and I had a baby!

That's right folks, August 20, 2009 was the most invigorating day of my life. I wish I could experience that day over and over again... but I can't! Luckily I have hours of video footage and lots of pictures! I am working on my birth story to share with the world, so be patient with me please... after all, I do have a new born! 

And that brings me to my question... why is it that this state (sleeping) is so fought by these little precious bundles of light? Is it because they might miss something? Is it because they know that we might for just two hours... think or do something that doesn't evolve around them?!!! Is it because we as parents need to be reminded that for the next 50+ years we will be tested daily by our joyous creations?! Not really sure... I just know my little guy LOVES to fight sleep... but when he joins sleep with a welcoming embrace- he is this STINKIN' cute!

'I Surrender'

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