Sunday, January 18

11 weeks and finally...

Starting to feel like myself again! At least I’m running again, 2 days in a row now! Feels so refreshing to think that I might not always feel so.... weird?!

I told Dad I was running and he said “What?!” Don’t worry Dad, they say you can do anything you did before pregnancy, during pregnancy... I just have to listen to my body!

Trust me, it’s not the same ‘Doug you want to go for a run,’ then I try to stay one foot in front of him the whole time (!!!) kind of run. It’s full of grace and lot’s of walking too!

I’ve decided there is a moral to life that I will learn this pregnancy ‘How to have Grace for myself.’ And if I don’t quite get the lesson learned before the peanut is born... then I have 18+ more years, right?!

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