Tuesday, December 30

I have a SURPRISE...

Greetings friends & family!
Again, my apologizes for being so absent. I have 'few' excuses!

I have been working on a new website & blog for the family... check it out!
You will also find out something VERY exciting!

It's still under construction, but enjoy:


Wednesday, December 24

The Word Is Out!

Being home since Sunday night... Doug didn’t think I could keep the secret, but I did! I had been a little sick before I’d left, with Saturday being my worst day yet so I will admit that I was a little hesitant how this all might go down. Doug thought I should say I was beginning to feel sick, so if things got bad... I would have laid the foundation! I was pleased to find out that while in Ohio I actually felt really good... for the first 3 days anyways!

Doug FINALLY got in at 5pm on Christmas Eve and he thought we should tell my family at my Grandma’s house that night. I had thought about this already, but being such a big gathering... I wasn’t sure. Anyways, I brought the ‘card’ and was prepared to tell the big news when the time was right!

At 9PM Dad and Colby planned to leave to go home to bed, so I knew I had to work fast! The card was addressed to ‘Greg & Tami’ with instructions of ‘Open together.’ FINALLY they opened it, without anyone leaving! Dad knew what the card was saying right away and began to tear! Mom... it took a few minutes to set in, then her mouth hit the floor! She gave the card to Rihana & Alex and the surprise was shared all over again. 

No one could believe we’d kept it a secret since Dec. 6, but we knew telling them in person would be worth the wait for everyone! 

We also told Doug’s parents that night... only there response was a little different.
After they read the card and told us ‘Congratulations,’ Kelly said she had something to tell us. She had called our favorite coffee shop ‘Urban Coffee Lounge’ on Saturday to put money on Doug’s gift card and they said “Oh, Congratulations!” “We know too much about our customers.” She instantly hung up the phone and said, “I think Chandra’s pregnant!” 

What are the odds!

Saturday, December 20

The very moment I awake...

Boy, 5 weeks into this pregnancy I thought this is NO BIG DEAL! Sure, I’m a little tired and find myself taking naps everyday at lunch, but over all I feel great. And then the morning came... the moment I woke up my gag refluxes were turned on. Not having dealt with this yet, I got up forced two cups of tea down with toast, peanut butter and bananas. What was I thinking?!! The combination sank to the bottom of my stomach and was still there when I went to bed. At 1pm I realized I hadn’t event drank any water that day. Needless to say if this is going to be a part of my daily life I decided to take it easy and slow in the mornings. Morning #2, I cut up an apple into really small pieces and it took me 1 hour to eat! But I did it!!! Both of these days, I did find that I started to feel better by 5pm, so I’ll take that right?! I was encouraged by some to get up and get some fresh air in the morning to see if that would help. So first thing out of bed I bundle up and go for a walk around the lake the first time I did this it worked, I felt great all day... but since then I’ve been sick again the last two mornings/days. I guess it is what it is and it hits when it hits! I will take it though, because I know it could be worse!!!

Saturday, December 6

Sewing Again!

I’ve been itching to sew and create again... but for some reason I was trapped in the sadness of not doing it that I wasn’t breaking free and just doing it! I have a machine, however, I don’t really know how to load the bobber, but I got out the trusty computer and asked Google what to do! Here’s another little secret I have, I LOVE shopping at Value Village here. It’s basically a Good Will, only better! If you didn’t know this about me, I love all things ugly, questionable, loud and event old lady-ish! However, I see the character and the strength in these objects or animals (!!) and I want to make them my own and bring them back to life. So that’s what I’ve decided to do!


Today I found myself speaking with my girlfriend Ashley and saying... “I haven’t started my period yet, but I keep having these crazy contractions on both sides of my stomach.” She asked me when my last period was and I realized for the first time I was 6 days late! You have to understand, I’m the girl that things she’s pregnant EVERY month, but not this month, I never once thought that I might be. I knew we had a party in the evening so I decided to buy a test and see if it would once again, so faithfully give me the ever popular NEGATIVE. I did the 5 second deed and instantly 1 bright red line appeared. I screamed at Doug “I don’t know why you people make me waste my money... it’s always negative!” Set the timer for 3 minutes and left the bathroom totally excepting that it was negative. Minutes later I went to see the lone line one last time and to my disbelif... there was a second faint line trying ever so hard to be seen! I was in SHOCK! I covered my mouth with my shirt and leaned out the door and just looked at Doug. Being the drama queen that I am, I’m not even sure what his initial thought was... however I gave him the shock of his life also! “Babe...” I said, “We’re going to have a BABY!”

Saturday, November 15

I know, I know!

Sorry for the delay in posts! We are alive and well, I promise! We have been really busy, working, socializing, moving, traveling and working some more that I haven't had the chance or energy to blog. I am working on gathering my thoughts and some pictures to fill you in on the time you've missed out on!

Thanks for all your thoughts!

Monday, September 1

Old Hwy 30 and all it's beauty!

After a wonderful night in Mount Hood. We got back in the car and drove along Old Hwy 30. Saturday (on the way down) was the best weather. We watched is climb from the 80s to 94 or even higher...I can't remember! Sunday we drove along a stretch of road that had many hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls!

This was the last of the stops before I dropped by camera and broke the LCD screen...
After all the waterfalls, you ended on top of a large hill with a old round building on it. I was build hundreds of years ago for travelers to have a place to rest. The view was breath taking, it felt like you were in another country!

Finally it was time to find a brewery and that's just what we did! What a great ending to a great trip!
For more photos...

Endel's came for more adventures!

Doug's parents came to visit July 24-28! Last time we stormed all of Seattle and the Eastside so we decided to rent a convertible and drive down I-90 and see the 'Columbia River' & the 'Mount Hood & The Gorge' in Oregon!
But not before we went to Alki Beach and ate at Salty's!

For more pictures from the weekend, check out my Photo Gallery on the web!

I know...I know!

I've been getting some emails saying...'Chandra, are you OK? You aren't blogging!' I sempathize with this comment as one of my favorite bloggers is currently MIA as well! Well, I'm back, and Yes...we are both just fine! A lot has happened the last month so let me catch you up!
July 23: For Molly's Birthday, We all went to the Nordstrom Fashion Show!

That same day, I also bought a NEW CAR!Meet the newest member of the Endel family, Volkswagen EOS (four seater, hard top...convertable!)

Tuesday, July 29

The Perfect Family!

We haven't had Louie in months...or since we've had Tuff. Wolff called and needed us to watch Louie for the weekend, so missing him and wanting to see how Tuff would respond to sharing his home (which was first Louie's!) I agreed. Tuff wasn't too sure of Louie and hid under the couch for the first day. He kept his face right up to the edge as to say, 'I'm not scared, I just don't want to deal with you...'

At night Louie slept with us and I closed the door so Tuff could use the facilities, eat and do his nightly roaming. Day two was pretty much the same scenario, only we finally made Tuff sit while I held him with Doug holding Louie, with the goal of 'formally introduce' them.

By day three, I put the leash on Louie and hooked him up to the chiro table. This allowed Tuff to come out from hiding and wonder the house with out Louie running up to him. I think they finally were just starting to live in harmony when the visit was over! I think we should do it again really soon! Either way, I feel I learned both could live with a member of the opposite...it just takes time!!!!!

July 19, 2008 Company BBQ

Company BBQ...means tons of summer fun! It's been a while since our last White & Assoc Party...Christmas actually! The troops joined around 3pm and it was off to the races. Snacks, drinks and lots of the early stages of dancing. New patio furniture in the back yard was the perfect location to catch up and learn more about each other...vs talking about work!
By the end of the night Molly and I managed to knock each other out during a dance off, Toni debuted her 'guns routine' and Molly and Mike demonstrated some full blown UFC fighting!

Monday, July 28

July 6, 2008=Lake Stevens 1/2 Ironman

Sunday was to be my first 1/2 Ironman race...however, that was not the case. I can remember signing up for the race last November after watching my Davenport friends race the full Ironman in Maddison. I had such a fun time training with them and I guess I figured I would find a Jen, Hot Mama Nanc, Paul and Heather here in Seattle. Because of circumstances I could control and some I could not...this has not been a 'Tri' year for me. No worries though, I will be back some day!

Anyways, our friend Chris Wolff ran the race and the three of us decided to watch some athletes hard at work after our long weekend of 'work!'

T-Shirts courtesy of Value Village, Sharpie and CE Designs!

It was a great day for a race and Chris was very happy with how he did. It didn't convince me I wanted to 'TRI' just yet, but I have committed to the Seattle Marathon the end of November!

More Kramer & The Emerald City!

We celebrated Friday, the 4th at the 'International Beer Festival' under the Space Needle!

We also introduced Marc to his 1st EVER Starbucks! What can I say, although they are on every corner here...Florence, S.C. is NOT so lucky!

We ended the night back in Kirkland for fireworks, and even got a pre-show of Marc's 'wonderful' yoga abilities!

Saturday we got up early to hike a new route. We would conquer Tiger Mountain! Unfortunately...it conquered us that day, as we all had beer seeping from our pores!

Monday, July 14

Kramer came to town!

Marc Kramer, Doug's long time friend and the Best Man in our wedding came to visit us over the 4th of July! The one thing about Marc is that he loves life and he lives it to the fullest! We hit the ground running visiting Red Hook on Wednesday night, a Mariners game on Thursday with some serious 'chocolate cake' shots and salsa dancing. Did I mention we 'hustled' our tickets and basically got thrown out of the game!?!!!

Visit home...wow, the end of June!

The end of June I decided to go home for a couple of days...by my self. I realized after my last trip home that I hadn't slept at my house in almost 4 years...

Not that I needed to run away and be a child again, but I just needed time, ok...maybe, to be a kid!

It was a jammed packed weekend planning Rihanna's wedding! I got to see her in her dress and try on mine in it's true colors. We got mom's dress, the flowers ordered and saw the hall and created 'visuals!'

I planned to spend all afternoon on Saturday with Ashley, because I normally only give her a couple of hours...and wouldn't you know it, the races got canceled!

I went to Ashley's anyways, got to spend some quality time with Avery and then Ash and I hit the town, watched a movie, ate at Olive Garden and went to Cranberries...that's right! It was quite the night. Not only did we get the 'are you two twins' question a million times, but it's rather scary being without your men at those local bars! We didn't last long!

Sunday we went boating. Well, I don't know if you could call it that. We lasted 10 minutes before our boat almost capsized and we were all screaming and crying!

I had a great weekend and it wasn't long enough...but with Rihana's wedding I have a couple of trips planned in the next 12 weeks,so that will have to do for now!

Monday, June 23


Well we did it! We added on to the family. I never thought the day would come that we would own a cat...but we do! His name is currently Tuff, but we like Finn, so we will see which name sticks.

He is a 4yr old Maine Coon. I got him yesterday afternoon and he hid under the couch all day and half the night. The rest of the night he roamed the house meowing...it was horrible. I think I slept 3 hours max...and truly had visions of packing him up in the car!!!!

He is a really sweet cat, and hopefully things will all work out! My mom always says, give the 'kids' 2 weeks to adjust...but seriously mom...2 weeks?!!!!

Sunday, June 22

Pondering life...my life

Life truly is a journey. The good news is, it's ours...but we have to make the choices, right? Do I choose to be 'happy' in this moment, or do I have 'pitty' for myself? Am I 'angry' in this moment, or do I choose to be 'grateful' for these opportunities of experience and growth? I feel like I've been asking myself these questions a lot lately. Does anyone else ever feel this way?...
Lately I've been holding feelings and thoughts in to process them. This is way out of my character...I know! But it's been good for me because it gives me time so I can truly understand what I am feeling and what the true emotions are. This is something I learned from my dear friend 'Tony Robbins!!!' I might not really be angry at someone or about something, but rather feel lonely. And I have one of two choices to make when feeling ANY type of emotion. I can either change how I'm communicating myself if I'm not getting results or I can change how I'm interpreting the whole situation.
Again...I have the choice! Isn't life grand!!!

Another Weekend at Alki

Not this weekend...No! I think we both worked 70+ hours this week-weekend!!!
But last weekend we went to a BBQ at Natalie's house. When she told me she lived on Alki...I had no idea she meant she lived on the street running along the water!!! It was amazing! We grilled out then sat on the beach with sand in our toes all night long. We waited hours for a fire pit...but one never opened up. We ended up compromising and making our own fire. What is a night on the beach without smores? Check it out!!!

Saturday, June 14

Barely remember this day!!!

Days and days ago...it was warm and sunny here! Trust me, it hasn't been since...
I got sick when we got back from Ohio, traveling was hard on me i guess, but the following Saturday it was well in the 70's so we borrowed the Mini and headed to Alki Beach to check out a new place!

Our skin almost burnt off on the way because everyone else also wanted to go to the beach that day, so we basically sat in traffic with the top down and our white skin boiling!! It was a great, relaxing day we saw the Statue of Liberty and a beached whale!!!

Check out the traffic on the way back...seriously, everyone came out to play!

Congrats Jen!

Mother's Day weekend Doug and I traveled back home for his sister Jenny's graduation and to spend time with our mom's!
It was a fly by night trip with a red-eye on Thursday night and go-go-go in between before a late flight back on Sunday.
It was a great trip, check out some of the pics!

Saturday, May 3

Sunday morning hike...up a mountain! (Thanks Doug!)

Sunday morning...after days of eating and drinking coffee, we decided to hike 'Little Si"! We didn't want a whimpy hike, but I don't think any of us had this in mind!

A quarter of the hike left...and all the laughing and stories had stopped. We were all getting pretty cranky asking Doug when were would be at the top!! When we finally got to the top, it was amazing and so worth it! We sat up there for a while and started on the descend. 3 hours later our hiking experience was over, we all made it and were glad to have done it! That night we ate dinner with Dr. White and Toni. It was a fabulous trip and we can't wait until they come again. The whole time we were making a list of things to do 'next time!'