Sunday, January 25


Friday Doug and I were walking around Nordstrom’s before dinner and I wanted to play in the baby clothes! As we were leaving and Doug was crying we can’t have a girl... I found the shoes!
I agreed, let’s have a boy, he will only need ‘these, these & these’ then just to be mean I walked to the girls shoes and said, but Babe... SHE will only need ‘these, these, these, these, these & these!’

Let’s pray it’s a boy people!

12 weeks and growing...

I have felt soooo big this whole weekend! I think that my stomach is working very hard at showing and I feel like it’s too early. I keep asking Doug if I look fat, of course he answer’s ‘Your Pregnant.’
I think it’s because I know that I’m hungry ALL THE TIME, and that I feel like I’m eating ALL THE TIME... so that must equate to getting fat!

I didn’t weigh in at the doctor on our first visit, they said weight didn’t matter to them if it didn’t matter to me... so I gave them a ‘ball park figure.’ I knew I had to be careful with the number I gave them, not wanting to add extra weight to myself for no reason! Doug, Darren and I played racquet ball today (it was soooo much fun! My competitive side is still alive!) so I weighed myself at the gym. I read today you should only gain 1 lb per month at this point... so that gives me 3 lbs. Doing the math... I should be just fine.

You know what it is? It’s the constant, gassy, bloated, heart burn feelings that I have. Not working out very much at this point is also playing with my head. This week my goal is to do something every day.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 20

A Morning at Columbia Tower Club & A Day at the Spa!

What a CRAZY, AMAZING Team I have!

My birthday morning started off at 7:45 am, with NO alarm going off. Not a big deal normally, however we were meeting everyone at the office at 8am!!!!!!!!!

About 8:15am we pulled in the parking lot, waiting on a few others still too! Darren was a little stressed as he had reserved a room at the Columbia Tower Club in Downtown Seattle for 9am breakfast. I told him no worries, everyone was already at their destination watching the Inauguration! The roads weren’t to bad even though it was a crazy foggy morning. We made it there with time to spare and even got to see the President being sworn in!

Up on the 75 floor (this is the tallest building in Seattle!) we took yet another floor up to our room. It was a beautiful table already sat, a huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling and Mount Rainier right at our eye’s level. Because of the fog, the clouds laid out right before us, so magical and so thick you could have sworn you could have walked on them! It was breath taking!

Breakfast was amazing of course and I devoured my french toast! :) Baby likes to eat... what can I say! It was a glorious morning with my favorite teammates (joke for Darren).

Around 11ish everyone started getting a little restless and we made our way down stairs to the lobby. For some reason today we chose to stand on the street and ‘act’ like we were waiting on our cars. I thought this was a little odd, because we parked underground and have NEVER been picked up at the street level before?!!!

Moments later a stinkin black limo pulls up and Molly walks up to it like it’s for her! I couldn’t believe it... I knew Doug had to get back to see patients, Brigit had lunch plans and Darren I’m sure had tons to do... so I had no idea what was going on.

Doug gave me an itinerary and a bag full of clothes and said I had the whole day off and to get in the limo. Toni explained to me who the gift was from (thanks amazing bosses and team!) and Darren said enjoy! 

I got in the limo and she took me to Nordstrom Spa for the whole day! Seriously... 12noon to 6pm!
I had a massage, lunch, two hour pedicure and manicure and a facial! I have never been sooo pampered in all my life! A little weird at times, like when they wanted to cary my water and walk me to the bathroom (it was my 16th trip... I told them I could surly find it!) although I decided I could defiantly live a life filled with these moments!

Sunday, January 18

11 weeks and finally...

Starting to feel like myself again! At least I’m running again, 2 days in a row now! Feels so refreshing to think that I might not always feel so.... weird?!

I told Dad I was running and he said “What?!” Don’t worry Dad, they say you can do anything you did before pregnancy, during pregnancy... I just have to listen to my body!

Trust me, it’s not the same ‘Doug you want to go for a run,’ then I try to stay one foot in front of him the whole time (!!!) kind of run. It’s full of grace and lot’s of walking too!

I’ve decided there is a moral to life that I will learn this pregnancy ‘How to have Grace for myself.’ And if I don’t quite get the lesson learned before the peanut is born... then I have 18+ more years, right?!

Saturday, January 17

Protests, Pike’s Place & Crab Legs... oh my!

Baby decided he/she wanted crab for Mamma’s birthday, so what better place to get crab legs than Pike’s Place Market, down town?! So, Molly and I went down town, on a beautiful sunny day to maybe shop a little and get dinner at the market!

Our first experience was the inability to get to the parking garage... why, you might ask? Because hundreds of people were protesting the War in Gaza. Crazy thing was, 12 cops on motor cycles were aiding them in there march, right up Pike Street! Finally we got through the craziness and started the shopping... or looking?!!!

I got a shirt and necklace at JCrew for $20 and we tried on some things at Nordstroms... but that was it. We slit some appetizers at PF Changs and heading into the sun light and down the steep hill of Pike Street. I laughed telling Doug, I literally almost fell down the hill because it was sooo sunny that I couldn’t see!

We walked the whole market looking for the best, and best priced legs! We found ‘puny ones’ for $19.99 lb, ‘big ones’ for $19.99 and even more for $24.99... Needless to say I went for the ‘big ones’ for $19.99. I got some asparagus there also but since the legs just broke me... I was done!

Back at the store I got some rosemary bread, and Doug made some couscous with asparagus, cheese and tomatoes! The crab was soooo worth it and I would do it again!

It was a great Bday celebration! Thanks babe for your time in the kitchen!

Monday, January 5

Birth Center

Last week we had our consultation where we got to see the inside and learn more about what they do/don’t do there and decide if we would like to use them to ‘catch our baby!’ (Seriously I should keep track of how many times this phrase is used!) We have clearly decided to use them, as today was our official 1st appointment in the journey of prenatal care! 
Today I am 9 weeks and 2 days according to them, so they asked if we would like to hear the heart beat. We both new it would be hit or miss as 10 weeks is usually the earliest you can hear it, but after feeling soooo weird lately I image it to be a relief to KNOW that there is life inside you! We gave it a try, but no such luck. When it’s this early and the baby is so little, it hides behind your pubic bone. Oh well, we’ll try next month. 
It’s funny because they keep asking me if I have questions... and I don’t really yet. I’m starting to read more about things but it’s nice to just experience things as they happen and ask questions when they come, you know?! Anyways, feeling better every day and I even ran today! Mile stone!!!
Check out the birthing centers website if you’d like:

Sunday, January 4

Baby Likes...

the weirdest things! It’s official... I am Prego. Now I am fully aware that I have been eating random things that I don’t normally eat... but I was blaming the nausea. Unfortunately... but fortunately I don’t have that luxury any more. (Chalk 1 up to chiropractic and an amazing Atlas adjustment last week!) Anyways... Doug and I went out to eat this weekend and NOTHING looked good on the menu, so you know what I ordered? A full rack of ribs and fries!  This might have been the 3 time max in my entire life that I have ever eaten ribs! I don’t know what I was thinking because when she brought me the plate I couldn’t even look at it. I did my best to eat 1/2 the rack, picking at it the whole time like a sissy girl! Doug said I wasn’t even cleaning the bone, but I was O.K. with that... it was the best I could do given the circumstances! And trust me, ask him if he enjoyed the other 1/2 rack tonight for dinner! He can thank the baby!!!