Tuesday, October 6

All droughts come to an end!

The joys of having a child, similar to those of a pet... only somehow more intense. I can remember when Pons was a puppy one day he would wake up with a horrible limp or cough and the next day it would be gone. No trace of evidence ever remained... usually just a bill!

A baby poses the same types of dilemma. Should I act upon it, or is it 'this too shall pass' type of thing. Today, Parker began his 4th day without pooping. Let me start by telling you that this kid is all boy. He has a short temper like a boy (what... he didn't get it from me!!!) he sweats like a boy, burps like a boy and poops like a boy. He has never pooped after every feeding. Rather, he prefers three hard grunts and whole body crunches to fill his cloth diaper inside and out with a river of poo' lying in the liner.

So, when he stopped pooping I became a little worried. I don't even think I realized he hadn't until day 2. On the eve of day 3 I began to do some research to see if this was a serious problem and if I should be doing something to help stimulate things!  To me, it seemed crazy that a breast feed baby, with liquid poop could become constipated, so I was staying pretty calm about things. It also helped that he didn't seem uncomfortable at all. I did some research and it seemed ok that he hadn't gone, that breast feed babies can go weeks without, sometimes. Day 4 began with lots of grunting and gas most of the morning and at 4pm he pooped! It wasn't the blow out that I thought it might be but I was happy with the product.

Dad got home around 6:30 and I ran to the store. He called me shortly after and I thought what could it be... He asked me, 'Is this a joke?' Parker had filled his pants and then some. And he had saved it for Dad!



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