Sunday, January 4

Baby Likes...

the weirdest things! It’s official... I am Prego. Now I am fully aware that I have been eating random things that I don’t normally eat... but I was blaming the nausea. Unfortunately... but fortunately I don’t have that luxury any more. (Chalk 1 up to chiropractic and an amazing Atlas adjustment last week!) Anyways... Doug and I went out to eat this weekend and NOTHING looked good on the menu, so you know what I ordered? A full rack of ribs and fries!  This might have been the 3 time max in my entire life that I have ever eaten ribs! I don’t know what I was thinking because when she brought me the plate I couldn’t even look at it. I did my best to eat 1/2 the rack, picking at it the whole time like a sissy girl! Doug said I wasn’t even cleaning the bone, but I was O.K. with that... it was the best I could do given the circumstances! And trust me, ask him if he enjoyed the other 1/2 rack tonight for dinner! He can thank the baby!!! 

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