Saturday, May 3

Sunday morning hike...up a mountain! (Thanks Doug!)

Sunday morning...after days of eating and drinking coffee, we decided to hike 'Little Si"! We didn't want a whimpy hike, but I don't think any of us had this in mind!

A quarter of the hike left...and all the laughing and stories had stopped. We were all getting pretty cranky asking Doug when were would be at the top!! When we finally got to the top, it was amazing and so worth it! We sat up there for a while and started on the descend. 3 hours later our hiking experience was over, we all made it and were glad to have done it! That night we ate dinner with Dr. White and Toni. It was a fabulous trip and we can't wait until they come again. The whole time we were making a list of things to do 'next time!'

Bainbridge Island

After a half day in downtown Seattle, we loaded the car on a ferry and headed across to Bainbridge Island.

Karl Marshall told us about this restaurant called "Four Swallows" that he had seen on the Cooking Channel. So, we trusted his judgement and made reservations there. We decided to do a walk by first, only we almost walked past it! It was a little yellow house...with no cars in the parking lot. A little nervous whether we could trust it or not...we decided to anyways. Dinner was fantastic and desert was even better. Thank you Karl for the recommendation!

The Endel's Came to Town!

Last weekend we had the pleasure of having Doug's parents come to vist, Ted & Kelly! Friday morning we went to the office so Dr. Endel could xray and adjust him parents 'Blair' style. Followed that up with some shopping and lunch and off to Bellevue in the evening. We invited our friends to meet us at the Lucky Strikes for drinks, laughs and bowling...all three of which were accomplished!

Saturday we went to downtown Seattle for some Pike's Place, coffee and! The weather was amazing, hardly Seattle like, but we were all thankful! We visited the first Starbucks and Ted pulled a prank at the Market (ask him about it!)...Doug got his birthday was a good day had by all, only it wasn't over!