Wednesday, December 16!

So, I know that I've been a little M.I.A. from the blogging world... but it's because of a VERY good reason. We surely didn't think that this would be happening again so soon, but we aren't in control right. I don't know how to even tell you this... so I'm just going to show you.

Ok. Ok. Now that you have blown your coffee out your nose. Now that you have wiped the pee from between your legs... I'm NOT pregnant, are YOU crazy?!!!

I was just trying to tell you that we had our office Christmas party last weekend and it was a 'Redneck' theme.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Lol thanks!! That's the laugh I needed for the day! Are u sure this redneck theme didn't feel oddly comfortable for the 2 of u? Bc u sure make good looking rednecks !!!


Chandra said...

I know right!!! It was a funny night. All the ladies were 'prego!' As if that means redneck?!!!

The Bulows said...

are you saying Im a redneck?