Friday, December 25

Parker's 1st Christmas

Parker, left under the supervision of my father... equals Parker hanging out in a box in the middle of the living room. He didn't like it at first... but after a few minutes didn't think it seemed to bad and actually cried when we took him out!

I'm waiting for the Christmas I find Parker hanging from the door frame in an extra large stocking. Still scared from the experience myself... I wonder what Parker will think of it!

Monday, December 21

Happy 4 months Parker!

Wednesday, December 16!

So, I know that I've been a little M.I.A. from the blogging world... but it's because of a VERY good reason. We surely didn't think that this would be happening again so soon, but we aren't in control right. I don't know how to even tell you this... so I'm just going to show you.

Ok. Ok. Now that you have blown your coffee out your nose. Now that you have wiped the pee from between your legs... I'm NOT pregnant, are YOU crazy?!!!

I was just trying to tell you that we had our office Christmas party last weekend and it was a 'Redneck' theme.

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, December 10

Just add a zipper!

Having lost baby weight... my creative side is eager to dress like it used to. Dresses, tights, tunics and belts, jackets, ect. However, I've encountered a couple problems.
1. Half of my wardrobe I don't want to have dry cleaned or ruined, due to crazy amounts of puke.
2. Dresses while a girls best friend almost her whole life... are not on your side while breast feeding... unless you 'put a zipper in it!'

When wondering what to wear for Christmas Eve festivities... I stumbled upon a pile of free 'Kenzie' dresses that were once samples. This dress happened to have a slit in the back, so we patched it with duct tape. I liked the color well enough and loved that it had pockets... but how would I feed?

Loving raw zippers, I knew that's what it needed. So... I did it! My first zipper attempt, no directions and I didn't even have the zipper foot, attachment. Here are the before and after photos. It totally works, looks great and I can't wait to find my next project that needs a zipper!

Wednesday, December 9


Passion: an emotion applied to a very strong feeling about a person or thing. Passion: an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. (Wikipedia)

Passion... what is it? It's a driver, it's fuel, it creates desire. In the last year, my heart has been bloating full, cut wide open, emptied out, sewn shut and filled again. It's all been for a greater good even if it was momentarily, ugly & painful or felt so ecstatic that I thought I might LITERALLY implode.

Passion... has aided in my growth as a women, wife, mother and leader in society!

Lately, my own personal experience looks something like this. 'When one is passionate about something or someone, you want to share it or share in it. You learn everything about it, buy all it's books or products and surround yourself with things that are it or remind you of it.

And then what do you do with all of this crazy passion and knowledge? Do you sit on it? Do you keep it confined to the walls of your home, office or small group of friends? Would the world be a better place if it knew what you knew? Could you simply living out your passion or sharing it make a difference in just one person's life?

I challenge you, myself included to dive head first into your passion. To eat it up as if it were your last meal. To double fist it like it's last call. And when you are busting at the seams, when your heart can contain no more... SHARE IT WITH THE WORLD!