Wednesday, March 10

Wish List Wednesday: Potty Time!

Elimination Communication. Invented and mastered by our ancestors and is still being used in third world countries today. The ultimate form of communication between you and your babe and I think it's genius!

We are starting very late compared to many of my friends, but any time is a good time to teach and learn, right... so here we go!

Somethings to help aid in the process, but clearly not a necessity!

BabyBjorn Potty Chair

Bjorn also has another version of potty that is cheaper and would work great.
This one is nice if the babe isn't completely sitting up yet.

BabyMISHA Infant Training Pants

$8 each.
These are nice because they come in smaller sizes.
Otherwise Gerber sells a 3 pack for $9.99 and another option is Potty Scotty.

$6-$15 each
Great all year round. If you wear your baby these are great to cover their legs so they aren't hanging out. If you have hard wood floors or you can use them as sleeves! Target also carries them online. And there are a number of other companies too!

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