Monday, March 29

Weekend Warriors: Gentle

How do you teach a child to be gentle?
Gentle with the toy that he is so violently swinging.
Gentle with the little babe whose eyes he is scratching
or lip he is pulling

Gentle with the hair of the kitty he is pulling
or mom and dad's big nose!

I imagine it very similar to our relationship with God.
The desires and wills he has for us...
yet he has to be patient until we understand.

Until we can understand the consequences of our actions
and make the choice on our own.

I have had a couple of moms tell me parenting has awakened them
to the true love that God clearly has for us...
And I am humbled everyday!

1 comment:

CQAussie said...

I sometimes wonder why God gave us free will and the ability to make choices. He gives us so much leeway but why?

I know the standard response of the choice to love vs being programmed to love back but I feel like it should go deeper than even that.

Maybe the push pull of a full-on relationship coupled with the daily discovery of each other is something that God deems worthy of the struggle with each of His children. Maybe?

It definitely humbles me to be reminded that no detail of my life is too minute for Him to ignore. It makes me want to make that much more effort to know Him and learn from His Word.