Tuesday, March 30

Let the memorization begin!

Have you met a Buckeye fan? They are CRAZY... and we have been gone a really long time!
People reference team members like they are family, the town shuts down and the drinking begins!

Surprise! Doug and I will be moving back the week of May 2. We have LOVED our time away, meeting amazing people and experiencing beautiful places and challenged ways of living.

But the time has come. Another chapter of our book is written and the empty pages encourage us to DREAM BIG and DO BIG so that they too can tell our stories.

We are looking forward to holidays spent with families, birthday parties, over night stays with grandma & grandpa and time spent with my sister and old friends!!!!

God has been so evident in this process and we thank Him first and foremost... and you all, we thank you second!

Stay tuned!

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pumped.can't wait for the shopping and good laughs to begin!