Wednesday, March 31

Wish List Wednesday: Just putting it out there

Today I wish for a quaint little house with a back yard and lots of natural light. Hard wood floors, high ceilings, original trim, a dish washer and a fireplace.
What... go big or go home!

I know that my mind should be entertaining a townhouse sandwiched between two other families with screaming kids... but I just can't.

I envision chickens running around in the back yard and the dogs, cat and Parker coming in and out as they wish. A garden growing so big it's out of my control! The freedom, the energy, I can't stand it!

And this is where we disagree. Doug would argue this is my long term vision, what we can have in a year or so. I understand and it's possibly quite true, but if it were possible now wouldn't that be amazing!!!

It's hard to imagine where we are going to live, the streets we will walk, play grounds we will shed blood on (!!) and coffee shop we will make our own. This is where the control freak in me becomes more of a weakness. I am drifting... Instead of seeing the beauty and spontaneity in not knowing what town we will make ours and the home we will call, HOME - I am mildly wrapped up in the uncomfortableness of the unknown. Feeling vulnerable and open...

Today, I am working on letting go, trusting and 'rolling with it!' However, in case all of this is a possibility - I'm just putting it out there!


Anonymous said...

once my husband told me i was a control freak just like my mom. glad you got it honest just like i did!

CQAussie said...

I think about having our own place all the time. I'm obsessed with historical type homes, it appeals to the book worm in me.

I think the one thing I really want is a claw foot bath tub. And a cat. All the other stuff, I can roll with whatever.

Dream big, girl and take lots of pics =)

Chandra said...

A claw foot tube... me too! We laugh about having a cat all the time. I told Doug if he let me have one, the cat would sit in the kitchen and watch me make pies! How many pies have I made you ask... maybe 2 in 2 years!!! There is something about an old home... it tells a story!

Chandra said...