Monday, March 8

Weekend Warriors: Parker and the Squash

He's six months old, almost sitting up, has 2 teeth and is signaling to me that he wants the boob... I think it's time to eat! We new this day would come and I have to say I have mixed feelings. I am excited to have him at the dinner table in his own chair vs. my lap, I'm excited for him to love food just as much as I do but I don't want him to stop nursing - ever maybe!

For Christmas we received the petit appetit cookbook full of homemade baby food recipes and we love it! Because we naturally have a preference for sweet foods, we are introducing a handful of veggies first. The first feeding was a riot. He loved it... or he thought he did... he would gum it, then swallow - do a full body shake an occasional gag and smile and kick for more! It was HYSTERICAL! By the second day he was practically singing he was so lovin it... here, just watch the video!

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Anonymous said...

i was having a blast watching parker! i was getting closer and closer to the computer screen totally laughing out loud in between bites. i think i was having as much as parker did!