Monday, March 15

Weekend Warriors: Sitting & Swimming!

We are so close to both sitting and crawling. While it's soooo cute to see, I kind of want to tie him to a tree, (Hey they do it to baby elephants?!) or sit on him or something! It's so hard to watch him grow so fast. I want him to be my snugly babe FOREVER!

A little wobble, but he's doing it!
Tuff is by his side for any backup he might need.
Such a good big brother.

Looking very colorful heading to the pool!
Girls, stand back... he might be better dressed than you!

He is such a hoot at the pool! I swear he would swim if we let go of him! Lessons are in his near future for sure. I mean we have the 2030 Olympics to get ready for!?!

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