Tuesday, March 9

Dear Diary: Overwhelmed...

Dear Diary,

Lately my mind is over powering me, and it's not for good. As I find my physical body more tired and ran down my thoughts too, have joined it. The small things have become BIG things. My usual more positive self now shares it's space with anger and complacency.

'This too shall pass.' I know, I know. But today it is me, last week it was me, heck last month it was me. How much longer will this be me?

I've been reminded lately just how much God is in control and that all things are in His time. I'm experiencing first hand, self sacrifice and feel that the reward is waiting for me high on a shelf with no step stool to reach it. My head is flooded with thoughts of the past and dreams for the future.

Patience, Chandra. Patience.
Perfection is not needed to be loved or to love.

Today, I seek peace and grace with where I am and where I want to be.
If I stop obsessing about what I think I'm not doing, being or becoming... I just might see that I am everything I wish to be. That the future is mine and my gifts are all here...

As Nike once said, 'Just Do It' or better yet 'JUST BE!'

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