Sunday, January 27

To the mountains we go...

Saturday was Naomi's birthday...and we were invited to go tubbing at 'The Pass.' Since we got tons of great snow gear for Christmas and we have yet to get to the mountains...we were in for the adventure! The 45min drive started out in the valley and as we grew in did the amount of snow fall! When we got to 'The Pass' the other group who had been waiting in line for 1.5hrs, were next at the ticket line. "Sorry tubbing for you, we are sold out!" So, we got in our cars and drove home!

At least we got to see snow...and 4 big trucks on their tops, because people in WA don't know how to drive in the snow!

Which way do we turn...wait, where are we?!!! Can you read that sign?!!!
**The moral from this trip, buy your tubbing tickets online and pick them up at will-call!

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