Sunday, January 20

Thanks everyone for the gifts!

This has been a crazy birthday! I think the older I get and the more people I meet, love and move away from...the more I am receptive to expressing and receiving love. I got so many cards with sencere words of love and encouragement, amazing gifts that I didn't need...but that I love!

God is good, and so are all the amazing family and friends that I have. I never want to take any of you for granted, and I always want you to know that I love you!!!!

Back to the amazing gifts! Check it out...I'm a new women! Thanks for everything!!!


CQAussie said...

Oh honey - You. Look. Fabulous!!! If I were a gay man - well, I'd be a chinese gay man - and I'd have to adopt you as my Glam Bitch =)

Love the coat - it is perfect on you. And I love the color!!

Your handbag is divine - great choice whoever got it for you. It's fierce babygirl!!

The big tote - LOVE IT! So YOU and it just screams "Hey World, I'm Organized AND My Tote is Gorgeous!!"

And of course - the accessory of choice for the young and fabulous, the iPod. It speaks for itself really.

I love that you're so lovin' it all =)

P.S. Can you tell that I've been watching Project Runway for too long??!!

rihana said...

you are so my sister! i love you! happy day after birthday!

CQAussie said...

I wish you girls could meet my little sister =) We're night and day but yet we work =) She's sassy and has the cutest most pinchable cheeks in the world =)

I miss that bitch.

She's coming to visit in Sept/Oct! I may just upload some videos on Facebook =)