Sunday, January 20

Love, Love, Love

Happy Birthday to me! 27 years...can you believe it?!!!
Some one told me Happy Birthday today and said, "When was it, yesterday?" I said "Yes" without hesitation..."No, wait! It's today!" But you see, I lost track of time, because I've been celebrating it since Friday!

Friday was a grand opening for one of the docs I work for, so we were in downtown Seattle for that. We planned on going to a fancy sea food place in North Seattle, but while at the grand opening, someone told us about the "Six Seven." It is on the 67th pier, right on the water. The side of the resturant overlooking the water, was nothing but windows, it was dark but the view was still amazing!

Dinner was great, it was one of those places were you leave wondering why your pants aren't too tight and your stomach doesn't hurt! It was a great little treat...thanks Doug!

Saturday, we planned on going snow shoeing...but it didn't work out! So, we drove around a little bit looking for "potential" developments to buy into (in months of course:) and chilled most of the afternoon.

Doug gathered the troops together that night at the Parlor in downtown Bellevue (a swanky pool hall with a dance club). It was a great time with new friends and lots of dancing!


CQAussie said...

So glad to see you had a fabulous time on your birthday weekend dearie =)

You looked lovely and I'm sure the Seattle Scene is overdue for The Endels!!!

Or as I like to call you guys - The Athletes! =)

rihana said...

i love the night out. i'm so glad it was as fun as it looks. wish i were there! such is! i totally love you. have a fancy week. xo.

rihana said...

i think carol and i compete for comments :D

CQAussie said...

I feel it's destiny that Rihana and I will one day live next door to each other and spend precious hours bitching about the neighbours and what they wear and how VEIRD they are.

Life can only be so kind.