Sunday, January 27

Lucky Strike

Tuesday we had a '2008 Goal Setting Party' as an office. It was a great time! We exchanged 'christmas' gifts and shared our goals and visions for 2008 both personal and business!

Lucky Strike was next on our list, so off we went to finish the day bonding while bowling!

We all started out a little rusty, but soon the competition grew and it was a full out race for the highest score! We all took the gave VERY SERIOUSLY...

Dr. White


CQAussie said...
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CQAussie said...

aaahhhh this brings me back to the first night I got to hang out with you, Erica and Miss Rihana =)

When the world found out the Endel gals were Swedish (and sadly, I was not......) and nothing was ever the same again.

Isn't that VEIRD??

Yes, I think so too =)

P.S. One of my friends from Deloitte just got a job as Controller at VON MAUR!!! Oh curse the gods for not making that position available to ME!!! *dramatic swoon*