Tuesday, May 25

Holy Cowabunga!

I had NO idea...
that a move across the country would effect my little family members so much.

I had NO idea...
how owning a business would feel. It has felt a lot like having a second child. In the sense that it consumes your every act, all day. You think about it from sun up, until sun down. And the level of loyalty, and good will that you wish for it- crazy!

It's all good. We are all good.

Just letting you know that I haven't died. I still love you and care about you and what's going on in your life!

Pray for us these next couple of months as we continue to transition in the office and in our lives. I promise to soon, very soon start blogging again! Patience my sweet friends!


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CQAussie said...

No worries, mate! Keeping you in my prayers.

Best advice I can give you: Prioritise - God first, then Doug & Parker and yourself then family and friends. Everything else will fall in line.

Praying that God would prosper the work of your hands (literally!) and that you would bring glory to Him in everything you do.

LOVE you!