Thursday, June 24

10 months... New

I can't believe he's 10 months old!
Every day is something new
Noises, gestures, actions
You name it!

I have never felt so many feelings defeat
yet matched so perfectly with waves of triumph
Slept so little yet loved so much...

We have some serious fun together!
Here's a little of the last few weeks!

Friends 'Super Hero' Bday Party!

Hanging out Mr. T style!
Crazy hair day... just because!
Must do 'everything' standing up... even bath time!
A successful hostile takeover of mom & dads bed!


Anonymous said...

haha love it! i actually laughed out loud! i love the crazy hair day. sometimes i feel like having those days myself...

aunti G ;)

Chelsea said...

That party theme is so cute! He looks adorable in his cape!