Friday, May 21

9 months... what a crazy month!

Yesterday we celebrated Parker's 9 months of life by going to the zoo with my sis-in-law and her two cuties.

Lately I've been feeling like 'Oh my word, he's not a baby any more.' 'He's almost 1 you know... I should start planning his birthday.' and that's really just to name a few, really...

But then it hit me yesterday. He's still a baby - he's 9 months old! Hello, Chandra! Cool your jets Lady...

So, today I'm back on track. Embracing every moment, fall, scratch, tear, bite :) sleepless night... Because he's still a baby! (Although I think that someone should tell him this, because SERIOUSLY the kid thinks he's ready for college.)

This month Parker has spent some of his time,

Standing up to EVERYTHING!

Eating Beets!

Eating Grass!

Making funny 'cheese' faces!


has orchestrated a very LARGE sleep strike... at night time any way!

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