Friday, May 14

Unlock the magic!

Yesterday was a BIG day for the Endels!
We officially own a practice... and a building.

Parker and I didn't want to miss the signing with Daddy's blood
so we showered, dressed in our best and left the meeting before it really got started!

I wasn't sure if they could concentrate between the jingling of keys that were launching spit bombs across the large conference room table
or the sound of the grunts coming from Parker as he turned bright red and looked at me like, Mom, can you help?! (They thought he was being silly, but I knew it was the poop he's been working on for a few days!)

So we left.

And then we entertained everyone in the lobby until 1 hour passed and daddy emerged strapped to a wagon hauling a butt load of papers to the car. It was finished, just like that...

Parker, dearest Parker. Please have patience with us as we dive head first into this business. It is all for you son.

God, bless us. Bless the practice. Bless others through us.

Gotta go... gotta get Internet, and phone lines and, and, and......

(Parker eating the keys to his future!!!)


CQAussie said...

Congrats you guys, this is so very exciting and your post just brought back so many memories =)

Although we don't own our own building =) Maybe someday!

Good luck with everything! Stay true to yourselves, trust in the LORD, He will lead you and give you wisdom.

Phil is a phone call away (not to mention a whole bunch of other Delts!) should Dr. Endel need advice, to vent, to scream or just plain need a brother to call on.


Amy said...

Wow, CONGRATULATIONS!! What a huge milestone in your lives. I will be thinking if you and your newest adventure. Good luck!! :)