Thursday, April 29


Chatting with a group of moms this week, one asked, 'So, the terrible two's... what are they like?'

The mother of the two year old, thinking her son was rather behaved said 'It's not bad.'

A third mother said, ''You know... I think it's all about your perception of your child in this moment of their lives. If we choose to experience these moments as 'They aren't listening.' 'She is just so strong willed.' 'He is biting, pulling, spitting, ahhh!' then it outright sucks! But rather if we embrace these moments as 'Wow, she is so interested in how things work.' 'He thinks he's such a big boy he can do it himself!' 'She wants to be a part of everything that I do in my big world!' then it's a pretty amazing time!''

How do you choose to live it?!


CQAussie said...

Having no children as yet....I really truly hope that when we do, we would see it from the child's point of view. They are after all, little people =) They have feelings and wants and curiosity as much as we adults do.

We'll see how I go.....I do tend to be rather on the fussy side when it comes to doing things a certain way. Having children may be God's way of telling me to LIGHTEN UP. =p

Anonymous said...

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