Wednesday, April 7

Wish List Wednesday: April Showers...

Seriously... I think winter was nicer than spring has been here in Seattle!
It's funny how you forget what a season can be like until you're living in it again, but I guess that's true with many things. We forget the bad, only remembering the good!

Did you know that Anthropology had a baby? They did, Leifsdottir. When I heard, I was soooo excited! And then I went to their website and wept. Because while it was amazing, it is MORE expensive than Anthropology. OUCH!

Either way, it's April and if that means rain EVERY DAY... Let's look good dancing in it! So, if I win the lottery tomorrow, this is what we'll be sporting!

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CQAussie said...

Get the sailing dogs raincoat!!! That is TOO adorable and really, the price point is pretty good.

But that yellow trench is GORGEOUS, j'adore!!

I love Anthropology but haven't ever bought anything from there cuz I am always in a budget crunch when I visit their website =( Sad. I love their dresses and one of these days, I will remember to stop by the actual store and try them on =)