Monday, April 26

Refelection on a Miracle...

This weekend I reflected a lot on a miracle that my family received one year ago, yesterday. All week we counted down April 25. We all remembered exactly what we were doing that very day... Some probably in more detail remembered the weather, the color of the sky and even what they had for lunch.

April 25, 2009 ~ I received a call that will forever change my life. My brother Preston had been in a serious dirt bike accident and they had to care flight him to the hospital. It was bad... but we didn't really know how bad, just yet. I was shocked. I couldn't believe that I wasn't there. I couldn't remember the last time I had even talked to Preston or what was or wasn't said. How was my Dad... My poor Mom...

I was on a plane in less than 5 hours. The first miracle of the day was that my ticket was $250 and easily could have been $500ish. Long story short, Preston had life threatening, very serious injuries. Punctured lungs, filling with fluid. Blood on his brain. Mrsa.

The accident has changed all of us. My family had tremendous support from family and friends and experienced endless love and prayers from the community and those we didn't even know. Some days we forget to say 'Thank You.' To live our life as a reflection that there is a God who saves... Luckily, God shows mercy and grace and has patience of steel!

Two weekends ago, Preston went to prom with his sweetheart, Jacki!. She was there the day of his accident and was one of the many angels that helped save his life that day/month!

I love you both, see you soon!


Anonymous said...

ah yes, what a miracle indeed! i feel like God didn't save just Preston, but saved all of us. i have a new love for Jesus and for my family that i have never had before :)

hooray for life!


Chelsea said...

Oh my goodness, i have tears in my eyes. what a great post.

I love the picture of him and Jackie. how sweet are they!

CQAussie said...

Praise the LORD for His never ending mercies and His faithfulness to His children.

This just reminds me again just how much we are dependent on GOD for our very breath.

May His blessings and presence be on you and your family continually!!