Monday, July 14

Visit, the end of June!

The end of June I decided to go home for a couple of my self. I realized after my last trip home that I hadn't slept at my house in almost 4 years...

Not that I needed to run away and be a child again, but I just needed time, ok...maybe, to be a kid!

It was a jammed packed weekend planning Rihanna's wedding! I got to see her in her dress and try on mine in it's true colors. We got mom's dress, the flowers ordered and saw the hall and created 'visuals!'

I planned to spend all afternoon on Saturday with Ashley, because I normally only give her a couple of hours...and wouldn't you know it, the races got canceled!

I went to Ashley's anyways, got to spend some quality time with Avery and then Ash and I hit the town, watched a movie, ate at Olive Garden and went to Cranberries...that's right! It was quite the night. Not only did we get the 'are you two twins' question a million times, but it's rather scary being without your men at those local bars! We didn't last long!

Sunday we went boating. Well, I don't know if you could call it that. We lasted 10 minutes before our boat almost capsized and we were all screaming and crying!

I had a great weekend and it wasn't long enough...but with Rihana's wedding I have a couple of trips planned in the next 12 weeks,so that will have to do for now!

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CQAussie said...

wow! you had quite the weekend!! that's awesome =)

congrats to Rihanna! also awesome!!

cant wait to hear all about the wedding =)

you know I LOOOOOVE weddings =) hahah

P.S. Project Runway season 5 starts tomorrow 8pm CST in case ur interested =) it's the last season on Bravo before it goes to Lifetime. Yes. Lifetime. It will suck I am sure after it does move.