Saturday, December 20

The very moment I awake...

Boy, 5 weeks into this pregnancy I thought this is NO BIG DEAL! Sure, I’m a little tired and find myself taking naps everyday at lunch, but over all I feel great. And then the morning came... the moment I woke up my gag refluxes were turned on. Not having dealt with this yet, I got up forced two cups of tea down with toast, peanut butter and bananas. What was I thinking?!! The combination sank to the bottom of my stomach and was still there when I went to bed. At 1pm I realized I hadn’t event drank any water that day. Needless to say if this is going to be a part of my daily life I decided to take it easy and slow in the mornings. Morning #2, I cut up an apple into really small pieces and it took me 1 hour to eat! But I did it!!! Both of these days, I did find that I started to feel better by 5pm, so I’ll take that right?! I was encouraged by some to get up and get some fresh air in the morning to see if that would help. So first thing out of bed I bundle up and go for a walk around the lake the first time I did this it worked, I felt great all day... but since then I’ve been sick again the last two mornings/days. I guess it is what it is and it hits when it hits! I will take it though, because I know it could be worse!!!

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