Tuesday, July 29

The Perfect Family!

We haven't had Louie in months...or since we've had Tuff. Wolff called and needed us to watch Louie for the weekend, so missing him and wanting to see how Tuff would respond to sharing his home (which was first Louie's!) I agreed. Tuff wasn't too sure of Louie and hid under the couch for the first day. He kept his face right up to the edge as to say, 'I'm not scared, I just don't want to deal with you...'

At night Louie slept with us and I closed the door so Tuff could use the facilities, eat and do his nightly roaming. Day two was pretty much the same scenario, only we finally made Tuff sit while I held him with Doug holding Louie, with the goal of 'formally introduce' them.

By day three, I put the leash on Louie and hooked him up to the chiro table. This allowed Tuff to come out from hiding and wonder the house with out Louie running up to him. I think they finally were just starting to live in harmony when the visit was over! I think we should do it again really soon! Either way, I feel I learned both could live with a member of the opposite...it just takes time!!!!!

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CQAussie said...

awww.....yeah, Tuff came around so that's good to see =)

Louie was very nice about it cuz yeah, it was his home first =)

I love cats! Hope I get to meet Tuff one day =)