Monday, September 1

Old Hwy 30 and all it's beauty!

After a wonderful night in Mount Hood. We got back in the car and drove along Old Hwy 30. Saturday (on the way down) was the best weather. We watched is climb from the 80s to 94 or even higher...I can't remember! Sunday we drove along a stretch of road that had many hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls!

This was the last of the stops before I dropped by camera and broke the LCD screen...
After all the waterfalls, you ended on top of a large hill with a old round building on it. I was build hundreds of years ago for travelers to have a place to rest. The view was breath taking, it felt like you were in another country!

Finally it was time to find a brewery and that's just what we did! What a great ending to a great trip!
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CQAussie said...

your becoming quite the blogging pro =) thanks for the links - great pics, looks like a fab trip!

living it up on the west coast =) good to see you both having a good time =)