Wednesday, November 7

...when the boy's away, sisters oh how they play!!

So, a week and a half after moving to this new city...Doug leaves me (not seriously people!) for Iowa!!! No worries right, I invited Rihana to come visit. We had so much fun! We shopped and ate...shopped and ate...shall I go on?!!!

We had the most fun on our 9 hour adventure in downtown Seattle. We did a lot of touching, dreaming and pretending as we tried on clothing from privatly owned botiques...but it was soooo fun! I even got her hooked on Starbucks! The Space Needle was $16 per person to visit, so we just took pictures. I mean seriously, that's a shirt!

View of downtown Seattle.

Katie Holmes and Posh Spice? Seriously!!!!!

Now Rihana's gone...and Doug doesn't come home until the 13th! I tried to be a Bad A** and pretend I would be fine, but 2 mini jugs of yogurt icecream later (don't judge me, it was yogurt!) I am ready for him to come home.

Miss you all...


Primitive Family said...

Looks like you ladies had lots of fun! Seattle is one of my favorite places!

I hope everything is going well for you guys in the new land! I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Tell Doug to hold on to your route plan, it looked like a good one. I might have to borrow it for our big move in the next year hopefully! Miss you both lots! Love Mari

rihana said...

bah! i will probably laugh for the rest of my life at how much fun we had in seattle. mexican and the mall restaurant sure were the funniest :D love you!!

CQAussie said...

OMG!!! Posh Spice!! I'm dying over here!!! LOL

Actually it's surreal how much you and Rihana both remind me of Posh Spice now that you've mentioned it.....VEIRD!!

I secretly want to be a Spice Girl....I'd be Asian Spice =D

love you long time!