Saturday, November 17

Mudding in Monroe!

When I picked Doug up at the airport on Tuesday, the first thing he said was "can we go into the mountains this weekend?" So; Mike, Molly, Doug and I went mudding in the "kind of mountains" today! We drove out 45 minutes or so and it was pouring rain the whole time...dirt bikes, four wheelers and jeeps every where. We starting climbing a hill instantly and had to reroute because a tree was down! The jeep we were in was designed to climb so it was pretty jerky...and because it was raining the windows were up...did I mention I was in the back seat?!!! Well after climbing a few hills and going through a few rivers...I almost lost it. I screamed "Doug roll down the windo, I'm going to puke!" Everyone started laughing at me...but I was sooooo serious! It was a lot of bouncing and shaking!

Two weeks ago Mike and Molly did this by themselves, and lets just say they almost rolled it! we were bravely playing today I was half expecting some crazy action. Thirty minutes into the ride, we found our crazy action...the river! Well since it had been raining and was raining the current was really strong...Molly said she was getting out, I called her a chicken and together, the four of us crossed the river, check it out!

After this we were ready to we stopped at this dinner along side the road. It was one of those unique places that only the locals know about...grandma in the kitchen, backery in front...home-made breads, soups and sandwiches. It was amazing!

Got some Starbucks and called it a day.

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