Sunday, October 28

Part 2 of the video, read previous blog first!

Part 2 of the video!


CQAussie said...

Yo! Mrs. Mt. Rushmore!

Um - the last 2 blogs handed me quite the laugh - you guys are frickin hysterical!

The most "west" we've driven is Colorado - and boy, was that beautiful! And the ONE good thing about working at Deloitte was I got to go to Montana for a week - I loved it! The mountains took my breath away!

So happy to see you guys made it and had a blast along the way!

And now I have that song in my head for the rest of the evening....

P.S. I heart Doug in white sunglasses!

Kati said...

Congratulations Doug and Chandra! You guys are going to do great! Thanks for the videos. Hysterical! Keep 'em coming!