Friday, November 23

Happy Salmon Day!

In the West we call it, "Happy Tofukery Day" or "Happy Salmon Day!" Doug and I started our Thanksgiving with a 7.5 mile run, a lunch of salmon, stuffed mushrooms and squash...oh wait, wine! Doug worked on some homework and I read a book (that's right!). By mid evening we were ready to get out, but had no where to go so we just drove around!

Black Friday (today) we got up at 4:15am and joined the other couple hundred of frozen westerners standing outside of Best Buy. This was Doug's first Black Friday event, and I was proud to be the one dragging him out so early...only he was the reason we were going out! We set our site on a 32" flat screen the night before...and to our delight we came home with a new addition!

We worked a couple of hours in the early morning, raced back home and geared up for our next adventure! We road the "Metro" (bus) into Bellevue to shop some more! Bellevue is a nice little neighboring town, that reminds me of a mini downtown Seattle. Just a few people to shop for so we quickly found ourselves wondering around...but neither wanted to go home!

I think we are both ready for some "boy time" and some "girl time"...but he's been a trouper! Pray for friends to appear soon!

Anyways, hope everyone is well...see you all very soon!

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