Sunday, October 28

Sleepless in Seattle is right!!!

Well, we are finally here and finally unpacked! Yesterday we finished unloading the last of the boxes and got a couch. It looks and feels really nice...but home we have yet to call it. It feels more like we are guests at some really nice resort that we would love to call our home...I think after a couple parties and some evenings after a long day of work, it will soon feel like "home."

The weather has been amazing the whole week we have been here. I feel like we need to make the most of every day (outside some how) because we quickly got the impression that these days are few between!!!

The drive out West was beyond words. I thought that I would cramp up and die or that my severe ADD would cause Doug to kill me...but it didn't. We were to aw-struck to ever be board!

Below is part one of the video series of our journey , enjoy...and the drive is recommended to everyone!
Love you all and miss you tons! the endels

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